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Page Title: COSAL Review
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COSAL Review A  final  review  should  be  conducted  before completion  of  the  overhaul  period.  This  review will  encompass  all  changes  effected  during  the overhaul. All necessary documents; for example, shipyard job orders for equipment installation or removal, records of documentation submission by allowance design to ILO team, COSAL Indexes, ISL,  and  SOAPL  to  confirm  processing,  should be  available  to  permit  an  item-by-item  review. The  time  required  for  the  review  will  vary depending  on  the  care  exercised  in  maintaining records and the follow-up effort by the ILO team leader  and  ship’s  personnel.  Before  the  review, the ship’s representatives will be fully apprised of the  purpose  of  the  review  and  the  necessity  for them  to  be  fully  aware  of  the  ship’s  equipment configuration,  including  all  equipment  changes effected. Upon successful completion of the review, the ship’s supply officer, weapons officer, electronics maintenance  officer,  and  ship’s  engineer  officer should   have   a   realistic   picture   of   equipment support   available   upon   departure   from   the shipyard.   When   the   summary   listing   of   com- ponent changes (SLCC) is received, the ship will validate  that  all  changes  were  processed  and necessary action taken to add or delete support. Postoverhaul Period The  completion  of  the  supply  and  main- tenance  overhaul  signals  the  start  of  the  ship’s operating cycle. With the transfer of records from the ILO team and NSA to the ship, an absolute requirement  is  placed  upon  the  ship  to  perform the  following  actions: .  Verification  of  the  SLCC  against  actual onboard   components.   During   the   overhaul period, the NSA identified on a summary list of component/equipage   changes   (SLCC/SLEC) equipment changes taken place as a result of the shipyard   overhaul   effort   and   changes   accom- plished by ship’s force or IMA as reported by the ship.  Within  30  days  after  leaving  the  yard,  ship’s personnel   must   compare   the   SLCC   with   the equipment/components   actually   installed.   Any discrepancies discovered between the SLCC and installed   equipment   must   be   reported   to   the SPCC. Unless informed otherwise, the SPCC will accept  as  fact  those  changes  appearing  on  the SLCC, update the WSF, and provide the revised COSAL  Indexes.  Upon  receipt  of  the  revised COSAL Indexes, supply personnel compare them against   the   old   Indexes   and   SLCC/SLEC   for completeness. Any errors in the revised COSAL Indexes must be reported to the SPCC so the WSF can   be   corrected.   Once   the   comparison   is complete, the  revised  COSAL  Indexes  are to be used and updated as configuration changes occur. During  the  supply  overhaul,  the  ILO  team takes   repair   part   support   action   based   upon equipment   changes   reported   on   the   SLCC. Therefore,  after  completion  of  the  overhaul,  if any errors are detected on the SLCC, the ship’s supply  officer  must  take  the  appropriate  repair part  support  action. .   Verification   of   the   SLCC   against   the COSAL.   Upon   completion   of   the   validation between the SLCC and actual installed equipment, the SLCC will be compared with the COSAL to make sure all changes are repeated in the COSAL Indexes  and  copies  of  the  APLs,  AELs,  and allowance  appendix  pages  (AAPs)  are  filed  in  part H. When these actions have completed, the SLCC will  be  filed  in  the  ship’s  COSAL,  part  I. .  ILO  final  letter.  After  the  maintenance overhaul  is  completed  and  the  SLCC  has  been received   from   the   alteration   activity (NAVSHIPYD or SUPSHIPOS) and verified, the ILO team leader sends a final report to the ship. T h e    r e p o r t    r e v i e w s    s u p p l y    o v e r h a ul accomplishments, including   financial   and statistical data, and outlines postoverhaul tasks to  be  completed  by  the  ship. The  actions  required  by  the  final  letter  will vary from ship to ship. Therefore, it is imperative that  special  attention  be  given  to  your  ship’s  final letter to make sure all action items are completed. The  final  supplemental  package  received  with  the final   letter   will   be   processed   using   the postoverhaul  ISL. ILO Team Input to Postoverhaul ISL At  the  end  of  the  supply  overhaul,  the  ILO team   will   provide   the   Naval   Supply   Center, Oakland, with all necessary data to update the ISL record to reflect the latest support requirements. The supply availability control sheet will be used as the letter of transmittal for all such changes and will be clearly identified as applicable to the postoverhaul  ISL  only. 2-24

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