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Page Title: Chapter 14 Preparation and Shipment of Material
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PREPARATION CHAPTER 14 AND SHIPMENT OF MATERIAL Material  movement,  as  discussed  in  this  chapter,  is the shipping of material from one geographical area to another.  It  does  not  include  local  deliveries  to  and  from supported   activities. A lot of material moves daily in support of naval operations. This represents a substantial en route dollar value. Many of the en route items affect to some degree the  operational  capabilities  of  naval  activities.  Material movement is an essential link in the chain of supply support. As a result of improper documentation and marking, shipments are delayed, misrouted, or lost. Man-hours  are  lost  tracing  these  delinquent  shipments. More  important,  the  lack  of  critically  needed  parts  may reduce  the  operational  readiness  of  the  intended recipient. You may become involved in material movement when  assigned  to  the  shipping  section  of  a  supply department. Also   as   a   member   of   the   supply department  duty  section,  you  may  be  required  to  ship an urgently required item to a requisitioner. You should be  aware  of  the  procedures  for  documenting  and assembling   material   for   shipment.   This   chapter discusses the procedures for shipping material using the Department   of   Defense   Transportation   System (MILSTAMP)  commercial  carriers,  and  mail.  Packing and  marking  of  material  for  shipment  and  safety requirements  are  also  discussed. TERMS This  chapter  contains  tams  about  the  shipment  of material with which you may not be familiar. These terms are found in the glossary of this TRAMAN. SHIPPING ACTIVITY RESPONSIBILITIES The  DOD  MILSTAMP  prescribes  the  shipping activity’s   responsibilities   and   procedures   for preparation,   documentation,   and   clearance   of shipments.  In  general,  the  shipping  activity  is responsible  for  the  following:        Planning the shipment.   Determinating and assigning a transportation priority in accordance with the Uniform Material Movement   and   Issue   Priority   System l l l l (UMMIPS)   and   selection   of   the   mode   of shipment. Accomplishing  the  functions  required  in  the offering  and  acceptance  procedures  for  the movement of material. Selecting  the  applicable  Transportation  Account Code (TAC). Preparing  shipment  documents. Maintaining records of the shipment of material. SHIPPING   FORMS Shipments of material may be made using DD Form 1348, DD Form 1348-1, or DD Form 1149 covering the material. You as the shipper, must maintain a log in the shipping  office  as  your  formal  record  of  shipment The  shipping  date  must  also  be  placed  on  the transfer  document  and  filed. The  invoice  is  a  very  important  document.  This  is because  it  actually  transfers  accountability  from  your ship to the receiver. It lists the items contained in the shipment and shows the price of each item, external markings, weight, and cubic capacity of the package. One copy goes with the shipment and another is sent to the receiving activity. The   Transportation   Control   and   Movement Document  (TCMD)  is  used  for  shipments  made  by other than parcel post. TRANSPORTATION  OFFICER RESPONSIBILITIES NAVSUP Manual, paragraph 52100, authorizes only  transportation  officers  to  select  the  mode  of carriage.  This  authority  is  restricted  to  Navy  properly being  transported  within  the  United  States.  Also,  under this authority the transportation medium to whom a Navy shipment will be tendered for transportation. As used  herein,  the  term  “transportation  officer”  applies  to any   individual   performing   traffic   management functions at military activities whether or not that is the organization  title  of  the  individual.  It  is  not  expected that  activities  will  be  reorganized  to  reflect  the  term “transportation  officer.” The  officers  assigned  as 14-1

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