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Page Title: Receiving Procedures
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initiated  by  a  ship’s  proctuement  document.  When received,   the   related   document(s)   from   the miscellaneous receipt file will be annotated with the receipt date. Then it is by the responsible material custodian. The document is then filed in a “completed” segment  of  the  miscellaneous  receipt  file,  or  in  a separate “completed” file if preferred. In addition, a consumption document will be prepared and processed under ACCESS for each item that is issued as DTO material. RECEIVING  PROCEDURES Small quantities of stores received on a daily basis through  the  mail  generally  do  not  require  special preparations  for  receipt.  Stores  which  are  delivered  to the ship in large quantities are stacked on the deck or pier.   They   are   held   there   until   the   preliminary identification  and  package  counts  are  completed.  They are then sorted by department or storeroom depending on where they will be distributed. When practical, a central location below decks is designated for the final and   detailed   processing   of   incoming   stem.   This location should be as near to the storerooms as possible, accessible to hatches, but away from the ordinary course of  ship’s  traffic. Receipts  from  Naval  Activities Stores  received  from  naval  activities  require  a quantity inspection only. Quality inspection is made by an   ashore   supply   activity   when   it   accepted   the material  from  the  supplier.  It  is  not  necessary  to duplicate  the  inspection  aboard  ship.  The  receiving individual, however, will make inspections to detect any deterioration or breakage that may have  occurred since  the  quality  inspection.  When  stores  are  received from naval activities in bales, packages or cases they need not be opened to ascertain their contents. The receiving  Storekeeper  will  receipt  for  them  according to their external markings and package count. If any package shows evidence of tampering, it will be opened and  the  contents  verified  by  count.  The  procedures outlined  in  the  NAVSUP  P-485  will  be  followed  when there is a difference between quantity received and quantity   indicated   on   the   shipping   document. Acceptance  of  the  entire  quantity  shipped  will  be indicated  by  circling  this  quantity  on  the  shipping document. The document always will be signed and dated by the receiving individual. Mail Normally  material  shipped  by  mail  does  not  pass through the initial receiving process. It is delivered from the ship’s post office directly the stores receiving area. Except in the case of registered or certified mail, the preliminary  inspection/count  usually  does  not  take place. Receipts from the Marine Corps and Other Government Activities Receipts  of  stores  from  other  government  activities will be inspected for both quantity and quality when delivered to the ship. Stores will be inspected by the receiving individual to verify that they are of acceptable quality. If the receiving individual is not qualified to perform   a   quality   inspection   (i.e.,   a   Storekeeper inspecting   technical   repair   parts   for   stock),   the department head who will use this material will provide someone  qualified  to  perform  the  inspection.  After  the quantity and quality inspections, acceptance will be indicated by the receiving individual as discussed in the paragraph  titled  “Receipts  from  Naval  Activities.” Receipts from Commercial Sources When  material  has  been  inspected  and  accepted  by an ashore activity, inspection for quality is not required afloat.   However,   a   quantity   inspection   must   be performed  prior  to  acceptance.  Material  received  that has  not  been  inspected  and  accepted  ashore,  the receiving Storekeeper, will conduct an inspection for quality and quantity. Technical personnel will be used when needed. A full and thorough quality inspection will be conducted. All packages will be opened and the contents   verified   by   count.   When   possible,   DTO material will be inspected and accepted by the cognizant department  head  or  an  appointed  representative. Deliveries   from   commercial   sources   should   be accompanied   with   itemized   copies   of   invoices   or delivery papers. Individuals will not receipt for material unless a copy of the receipt document can be retained. Material  will  not  be  accepted  unless  the  receiving individual   is   satisfied   that   it   conforms   to   the specifications included in the purchase document or contract. When directed by the commanding officer, material with minor defects may be accepted. (Refer to the NAVSUP P-485 for special procedures required for receipting  and  processing  delivery  tickets  for  purchases under  a  blanket  purchase  agreement.) 6-5

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