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Page Title: Assignment of Report Control Symbols
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l  An  information  requirement  is  a  report  from which an office or organization draws part or all of the data required for another report. . A reporting system is the means through which a report or related reports, including the procedures, methods  of  preparing,  and  transmitting,  achieve  either a  single  end  result  or  support  a  complete  information system, a portion of a system, or an operation. . A reports analysis is a management service that provides for making or assisting in analysis studies for the  purpose  of  developing  and  ensuring  continued provision of the most effective reports and reporting systems. . A public report is a plan and/or report form used by  or  for  a  government  agency  for  the  collection  of information  from  the  general  public  including  private agencies and industrial concerns. Each request to collect information  from  the  public  must  be  approved  by  the Office  of  Management  and  Budget  (OMB). REPORT  SYMBOLS/REPORT  CONTROL SYMBOLS Although  some  reports  are  exempt  from  the requirement for a report symbol (see the  Review  of Proposed  Administrative  Issuances,  SECNAVINST 5200.29B),  most  reports  will  be  identified,  along  with their titles, by a report control symbol. This symbol indicates  that  the  report  has  been  reviewed  and  approved as  a  valid  requirement  and  the  respondents  have  the responsibility  of  providing  the  requested  information. ASSIGNMENT OF REPORT CONTROL SYMBOLS A report control symbol is assigned by the command reports control manager. The Secretary of the Navy (SECNAV) and Office of the Chief of Naval Operations (OPNAV) report control symbols are assigned by the Commander,   Naval   Data   Automation   Command (COMNAVDAC).  The  symbol  of  the  highest  authority will appear on the report. For example, if a DD symbol is  assigned  to  a  report,  all  responding  commands  will use the DD symbol, expiration dates as assigned by the Office  of  the  Secretary  of  Defense  (OSD),  and associated report title. Reports control managers must not  substitute  their  own  command  symbol  to  a  report having a higher level symbol. The composition of a Navy report control symbol assigned  by  the  reports  control  manager  is  as  follows: Example:  OPNAV  5214-1 . The letters  OPNAV  indicate   the   authorized abbreviation of the bureau, office, shore activity, or fleet command that requires the report. .  The  four  or  five  digits  together–5214  in  the example–indicate the SSIC number that identifies the subject of the report. The SSIC 5214 pertains to Reports Management. Use the  Department of the Navy File Maintenance   Procedures   and   Standard   Subject ldentification  Codes,  SECNAVINST5210.11D,  to  find the appropriate SSIC numbers and their associated subjects. . The last digit, separated by a dash, is the next consecutive number in that SSIC series. In the example, OPNAV  5214-1  is  the  first  OPNAV  symbolized  report in the 5214 series. . Consecutive numbers assigned in a report control symbol  must  not  be  reused  even  if  the  report  is subsequently  canceled  or  expired. . The composition of a Department of Defense (DOD)  report  control  symbol  assigned  by  the  reports control manager in the Office of the Assistant Secretary of  Defense  (Comptroller)  is  as  follows: Example:   DD-COMP   (SA)   725–Reimbursable Transactions . The letters DD indicate that this is a DOD report. l The abbreviation before the parenthesis is the office  within  DOD  requiring  the  report.  COMP  is  the Office of the Comptroller. l The letters in parentheses indicate the frequency of the report. SA is semiannual. l The digits indicate the next consecutive number assigned by the DOD reports control manager for the overall system. The number 725 is the next consecutive number assigned for all DOD reports, not the next consecutive number for COMP reports. l The Navy reports control manager assigns an appropriate SSIC number in parentheses after the DOD symbol.  For  Navy  purposes  the  report  control  symbol DD-COMP(SA)725( 7010) represents a DD report. The 7010  designates  a  report  about  nonappropriatcd  funds. The entire number is written without spaces. l A one-time DOD report control symbol is written as DD-COMP(OT)9336(7010). This is the same as the recurring report control symbol except that OT means the report will only be submitted one time. The first two 6-2

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