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Page Title: Establishment and Maintenance of Records
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digits, 93, indicate the calendar year the report was established and the next two digits, 36, reflect the next consecutive number for one-time reports controlled for that year. The figure 9336 in the example indicates that this is the 36th one-time report assigned in calendar year 1993. It is important to note that, although similar in nature, report control symbols and forms identification codes  are  separate  entities.  Even  though  the  originator and subject identification code of both maybe the same, the consecutive number in each may not coincide. The same holds true for the relationship between the report and its requiring directive. report should be filed in a report case file. Every folder should contain the following documents A  copy  of  completed  Report  Analysis  Data, OPNAV Form 5214/10 (figs. 6-2A and 6-2B A copy of the report form, format, or a copy of the  report A copy of the document requiring the report Related papers, such as source records, analyses, surveys, and memos, pertaining to the report Folders within the case file should be arranged chronologically  by  report  control  symbol. INVENTORY OF REPORTS FOLLOW-UP  PROCEDURES An accurate and current inventory of recurring reports  is  essential  for  effective  operation  and  is maintained by the reports control manager. A case folder must be maintained on all reports for which your activity has cognizance. The Reports Record Card, OPNAV 5214/5 (fig. 6-1), may be used to establish a manual inventory  system  or  an  automated  management  data fields   system   may   be   obtained   from   the COMNAVDAC. A close working relationship with the directives control  point,  forms  manager,  mail  room,  publications review office, and other points or individuals within the command who may be aware of new or revised reports requirements  will  help  greatly  in  your  efforts. ESTABLISHMENT AND MAINTENANCE  OF  RECORDS After  all  recurring  reports  have  been  inventoried and classified by a report symbol, one folder for each Figure 6-1.-Reports Record Card, OPNAV 5214/5. Established  reports  required  by  the  command  must be  given  follow-up  review  to  determine  whether  they continue to be needed and, if so, whether they continue to meet all the requirements in the most effective reamer in light of changing needs and situations, relationship to other  reports,  possible  consolidations,  and  new developments  in  reporting  devices  and  techniques. A report must be reviewed before its expiration to determine   if   it   continues   to   meet   requirements efficiently. This review is done by the report originator 60  days  before  the  third  anniversary  of  the administrative  issuance  requiring  the  report  to  include complete  rejustification  of  the  requirement.  Reports  not approved  for  extension  are  automatically  canceled  on the  third  anniversary  date  and  are  omitted  from  any subsequent  effective  reports  listing. Possibly  the  most  effective  way  to  provide  an annual  review  of  every  report  required  by  your command is to combine the reviews with the annual review of command directives. Since each required report has a command directive as its basis, a complete review of that directive 3 months before the anniversary month of its issue date would provide the opportunity for an in-depth look at any report listed therein. (This is also an excellent time to accomplish a review of the local forms  used  for  these  reports.  See  chapter  5.) In accomplishing this review, a copy of the report form and a blank OPNAV Form 5214/10 covering the report would be provided to the reviewing office along with the applicable directive. A decision to modify, cancel,  or  continue  the  existing  directive  would, likewise, contain a similar decision concerning any report or form required by the directive. 6-3

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