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erroneous  data  must  be  resolved  with  the verifying  officer. Any ID card issuing activity may verify eligibility of, and issue an ID card to, sponsors and beneficiaries in  the  following  categories: Retired Dependents  of  active  duty  and  retired  military personnel Survivors of deceased active duty and retired personnel 100 percent disabled American veterans and their dependents Medal  of  Honor  winners  and  their  dependents Dependents   of   other   service   active   duty personnel ID cards are  not issued  to  dependents  without verification   of   eligibility   through   the   Defense Enrollment  Eligibility  Reporting  System  (DEERS)  or presentation   of   legal   documentation   establishing relationship  to  the  military  sponsor.  Specific  legal documents must be seen by the issuer and listed on the Application  for  Uniformed  Services  Identification Card/DEERS  Enrollment,  DD  Form  1172,  or  entered  in the  Real  Time  Automated  Personnel  Identification System  (RAPIDS).  DEERS  should  always  be  checked first.  If  dependents  are  listed  in  DEERS,  no  other supporting documentation is required. When active duty dependents  are  not  listed  in  DEERS,  or  when  the DEERS  data  is  incorrect,  the  following  procedures should be used to establish eligibility or correct data: . Inspect the member’s service record for entries that show current dependents. The primary document is the Application/Record of Emergency Data, NAVPERS 1070/602. .  When  the  member’s  service  record  is  not available, verifying a dependent’s eligibility can be done by contacting the Defense Finance Accounting System (DFAS) Center, Cleveland, Ohio, either by phone or by message. . When no service record is available and there is no current information available from DFAS, verifying activities should request message verification from the sponsor’s  ship  or  unit. . Verifying the dependency status of a parent or parent-in-law  must  be  done  through  DFAS. Activities  authorized  to  issue  active,  retired,  and dependent  ID  cards  must  follow  the  current cross-servicing   agreement.   The   cross-servicing agreement  allows  verification  of  DD  1172  and  the issuance  of  DD  1173  to  all  categories  of  eligible individuals  with  the  exception  of  eligible  dependents  of active  duty  personnel  and  unremarried  former  spouses. Active  duty  dependents  must  have  the  DD  1172 properly  verified  by  the  parent  service,  after  which  it may be presented to any military ID card issuing activity for issuance of ID cards. Navy former spouses and incapacitated  dependents  must  have  the  DD  1172 verified  by  the  Chief  of  Naval  of  Personnel. Unremarried former spouses of other services must have their initial eligibility verified by their parent service. Cross-servicing  must  also  be  provided  to  Navy active duty and reserve personnel only if they hold the member’s service record or receive a preverified DD 1172. CONTROL All ID cards must be controlled to make sure only authorized persons receive, issue, or handle the material at the command. The following procedures must be followed: l A record must be maintained of all ID cards issued  to  activities. . All issuances and receipts must be recorded and accounted  for  by  serial  number. .  ID  cards  must  be  stored  in  a  security  type combination  safe  and  access  to  the  safe  must  be controlled by a written log. . ID cards must be shipped by registered mail from the supply center and records must be maintained for 5 years after shipment to each activity by the naval supply center servicing that activity. l Only the CO or designated representative (in writing) may order and receipt for ID cards to be issued by an activity. The CO of the ID card issuing activity must confirm that the command is authorized by the Chief of Naval Personnel to issue ID cards. He or she must maintain proper  procedures  for  strict  accountability  and  security of ID cards. This includes the following: l Keeping a record by serial number of all cards received 7-7

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