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Page Title: DON Headquarters Improvement
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This procedure was simplified when one form was developed  to  take  the  place  of  the  various  documents that had previously been used. The form was designed so that all the offices involved could use the same one. The office requesting the training filled in the request and  justification  and  each  of  the  reviewing  offices indicated approval or disapproval on the same form. Sufficient copies were prepared by the originator to provide  copies  for  the  tiles  of  offices  concerned. The revised procedure required the processing of a maximum  of  only  7  documents  instead  of  the  minimum of 35 documents. It also eliminated at least 26 of the 56 separate  operations.  The  prescribed  form  provided  for the  submission  of  the  right  amount  of  information instead  of  too  much  or  too  little.  It  reduced  the processing time in one office by 75 percent. The total processing time for all offices was reduced by a least 50 percent. DON Headquarters Improvement A survey of all forms used and prescribed by one headquarters resulted in the cancellation of 171 forms. The  consequential  elimination  of  man-hours  formerly spent in preparing and processing these forms and the elimination of storage space through destruction of existing stocks resulted in substantial savings. Considerable   savings   also   resulted   from   the development of two new forms (procurement request and request for modification) to take the place of 7 headquarters forms, one of which consisted of 12 pages. The  improvement  reduced  backlogs;  preparation  time; processing  time;  and  paper,  printing,  storage,  and distribution  costs. Activity  Improvement The preparation of a clearance order was found to be merely a copying operation as most of the data on the form were obtained from another form used in the same office for another purpose. The clearance order form was  not  designed  for  the  most  efficient  use  because  the space  allowed  for  the  entries  was  insufficient,  the sequence of entries did not coincide with that of the form from which the data were transcribed, and constant data were not reprinted. The transcribing operation often required overtime work to avoid backlogs. When these two forms were consolidated into one, the transcribing operation was eliminated, overtime work  was  no  longer  necessary,  and  more  efficient operation  resulted  as  one  form  serving  two  purposes. So you can see there is a definite advantage in managing forms in the Navy. Perhaps your command’s system  will  not  be  as  elaborate  as  the  procedures described in this chapter, but if the basic principles are applied   with   a   sincere   interest   toward   forms management, you will accomplish more, save time and roomy, and get a great deal of satisfaction from the job. REMEMBER Personnel assisting you should be well-trained, both in  forms  design  and  in  your  command’s  forms management  system.  For  assistance,  contact  your servicing  NPPSO.  They  should  especially  understand the  SSIC  system  for  filing  forms  and  be  invited  to suggest  ways  to  improve  its  use;  for  example,  a supplemental 3-inch by 5-inch card tile, arranged in alphabetical  order  by  subject,  showing  printing  dates and cost data (NAVSO 5213/12). Personnel  in  organizational  units  with  whom  you have contact concerning forms should be aware of your desire to assist them as well as your need for their input and cooperation in carrying out your functions. Forms management cannot be accomplished by one person; it requires  the  active  involvement  of  everyone  from  the CO  down  to  be  effective. 5-7

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