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Page Title: Effective Security
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your office, are responsible for proper indoctrination of personnel under your supervision. You must be sure your  personnel  are  fully  aware  of  regulations  and execute a policy of strict compliance with all security regulations at all times. Effective   security   is   accomplished   when   you recognize,   understand,   and   apply   the   security requirements  that  prevent  compromise  and  subversion. Some individuals who work with classified information on a daily basis may become careless about using proper safeguard  measures.  When  you  see  this  happen  in  your office,  take  corrective  action  immediately. EFFECTIVE  SECURITY The primary objective in organizing and conducting an effective security program that should be impressed on your personnel is that security is not something separate and apart from their other duties. It is a natural element of every duty they perform. An effective security program will help you to make your personnel security conscious at all times. You can use various approaches to organizing a security program that  have  real  meaning  and  create  a  lasting  impression on your personnel. Posters, cartoons, charts, and films are effective tools if properly used. When  you  use  posters,  place  them  in  areas  of maximum travel and always at eye level. Use various types  and  rotate  them  often  to  combat  boredom.  People become security conscious only when you stimulate their  interest  and  provide  motivation  for  personal involvement. When   you   have instilled   a   sense   of self-responsibility  in  your  personnel,  a  trait  that eliminates   carelessness,   ignorance,   or   plain indifference,   you   have   accomplished   security consciousness. Effective  security  can  only  be  achieved  when personnel know how, when, and with whom to discuss classified   information. BRIEFINGS Security education/briefings fall into the following categories: l Indoctrination l Orientation .  On-the-job  training l  Annual  refresher  briefings .  Counterespionage  briefings . Special briefings l  Debriefings INDOCTRINATION Everyone who enters the Navy and the Marine Corps needs to have a basic understanding of what classified  information  is  and  why  and  how  it  is protected.  This  basic  indoctrination  is  done  during training at the time of accessiom nose who don’t go through a formal training period are indoctrinated by the receiving  command. It is not enough to make sure an initial indoctrination briefing is accomplished for new personnel; you must also make  sure  periodic  briefings  are  conducted  for  all personnel having access to classified information In addition, security briefings may be appropriate when: l an abnormal number of security violations occur. l there is an increase in quantity or sensitivity of classified  information  being  handled. l the mission of a command increases in terms of security  risk  involvement  (personnel  or physical). ORIENTATION Orientation  briefings  are  a  must  for  personnel whose job requires access to classified material. The briefing should be conducted as soon as possible after an individual reports aboard and before he or she is granted access to classified information. Orientation briefings are also necessary for personnel who, although not  required  to  have  access  to  classified  material,  are closely associated with cleared personnel or who are attached to a command that has a primary mission that involves highly classified material and information. The orientation  briefing  places  emphasis  on  the  following factors: .  Personnel  having  knowledge  of  classified defense information must not disseminate it until it has  been  determined  that  the  recipient  has  the appropriate   security   clearance   and   needs   the information to perform his or her official duties. Each person   has   the   responsibility   for   making   this determination. 10-2

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