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Page Title: In Lieu of Trial by Court-Martial
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IN LIEU OF TRIAL BY COURT-MARTIAL A member may be separated in lieu of trial by court-martial  upon  the  member’s  request  if  the  charges have been preferred with respect to an offense for which a punitive discharge is authorized in the Maximum Punishment  Chart,  appendix  12,   Manual  for Courts-Martial,  1984,  and  the  member’s  CO determines that the member is unqualified for further naval  service  under  the  guidance  contained  in MILPERSMAN   3610200. This  provision  may  not  be  used  as  a  basis  for separation  when  Rules  of  Court-Martial  (R.C.M.) 1003(d)  of  the  Manual   of   Courts-Martial,   1984, provides the sole basis for a punitive discharge unless the  charges  have  been  referred  to  a  court-martial authorized  to  adjudge  a  punitive  discharge. A request for administrative separation under other than  honorable  conditions  in  lieu  of  trial  by court-martial does not prevent or suspend disciplinary proceedings  in  a  case.  Whether  such  proceedings  will beheld in abeyance pending final action on a request for discharge is a matter to be determined by the officer exercising  general  court-martial  jurisdiction  over  the member   concerned.   As   a   condition   precedent   to approval  of  the  request,  the  member,  if  serving  in paygrade E-4 or above, must also request administrative reduction to paygrade of E-3. Upon approval of the request for separation in lieu of trial by court-martial, such member will be reduced to paygrade E-3 by his or her  request. HOMOSEXUALITY Homosexuality is incompatible with naval service. The presence in the naval environment of persons who engage  in  homosexual  conduct  or  who,  by  their statements,  demonstrate  a  propensity  to  engage  in homosexual  conduct  seriously  impairs  the accomplishment  of  the  naval  mission.  The  presence  of such members adversely affects the ability of the Navy to  maintain  discipline,  good  order,  and  morale;  foster mutual  trust  and  confidence  among  service  members; guarantee  the  integrity  of  the  system  of  rank  and command;  facilitate  assignment  and  worldwide deployment  of  service  members  who  frequently  must live  and  work  under  close  conditions  affording  minimal privacy;  recruit  and  retain  members  of  the  Navy; maintain  the  public  acceptability  of  the  Navy;  and prevent  breaches  of  security. The basis for separation may include preservice, prior service, or current service conduct or statements. Preservice  or  prior  service  conductor  statements  should be  processed  according  to  the  MILPERSMAN.  A member will be separated under homosexuality if one or  more  of  the  approved  findings  listed  in  the MILPERSMAN  are  made. FLEET RESERVE The Fleet Reserve is composed of enlisted members who have served in the Regular Navy and the Naval Reserve  and  who  may,  in  the  event  of  a  national emergency or war, be recalled to active duty without additional training. Personnel  who  have  completed  20  years  of  active service may submit a request using Application for Transfer to the Fleet Reserve, NAVPERS 1830/1, for transfer to the Fleet Reserve not less than 6 months and not more than 1 year before the desired date of transfer. All Fleet Reserve transfers are effective on the last day of  the  month. An  effective  date  of  transfer  to  the  Fleet  Reserve may be held in abeyance if the member is in any of the following   circumstances: . In a disciplinary status l Serving a sentence of a court-martial . Awaiting civil action . Awaiting an administrative discharge . Under medical treatment (member must signify his or her consent by signing a page 13 entry) COs may defer transfer to the Fleet Reserve up to 30 days beyond the date authorized only when urgent operational   commitments   demand   the   member’s service.  When  deferment  is  effected  for  this  reason,  a full report of the circumstances should be forwarded by message to CHNAVPERS, with an information copy to the  appropriate  type  commander. Transfer of a person to the Fleet Reserve means you will close out the record and open a Fleet Reserve record that will be kept by the Commanding Officer, Naval Reserve  Personnel  Center,  New  Orleans,  Louisiana. A fleet reservist is required to do the following: .  Be  ready  for  active  service  in  time  of  war  or national  emergency 12-9

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