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Page Title: Instructions for Completion of the PCS Travel Form
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aviation   officer   candidates,   Navy   flight   officer candidates,  and  nuclear  petty  officer  candidates) .  Change  of  PDS  of  organized  units  (ships,  air units,  other  mobile  units) . Relocation of a shore-based activity A NAVPERS 7041/1 must be submitted each time a member is involved in a PCS transfer. Failure to submit a NAVPERS 7041/1 has a negative effect upon the management of PCS funds and, as a result, members may be forced to cope with the following: Move  freezes Tour  extensions No  new  entitlements Possible  promotion  freezes Family  hardships Extra work for the receiving command Unnecessary  order  modifications It is the responsibility of both the member and the detaching  PASS/personnel  office  to  make  sure  the NAVPERS  7041/1  is  completed.  The  PASS/personnel office  must  complete  the  accounting  data  and  cost contained in the upper portion of the NAVPERS 7041/1 and then pass it to the member who must complete the remaining blocks that are applicable to the transfer (fig. 9-1). COMPLETION AND SUBMISSION The  member  should  complete  the  NAVPERS 7041/1  during  the  check-out  process  from  the  detaching PDS. This provides the member with sufficient time to resolve   any   indecisions   concerning   movement   of dependents  and/or  household  goods  (HHG)  and  to adjust  plans  to  conform  to  any  modifications  or cancellations to orders. For those members who are reentering  the  Navy,  NAVPERS  7041/1  must  be completed and submitted when they report to duty. Upon completion, the NAVPERS 7041/1 should be mailed by the detaching office to the Director, Defense Finance Accounting System (PCSVAD), Anthony J. Celebrezze   Federal   Building,   Cleveland   OH 44199-2088. Because  of  the  importance  of  the  NAVPERS 7041/1,   correspondence   is   generated   to   ensure submission.  Prospective  detachment  letters  and  listings are sent to commands requesting they make sure each detaching  member  completes  a  NAVPERS  7041/1 during  the  check-out  process.  The  Command Performance  Monitoring  System  also  summarizes  the NAVPERS   7041/1   submission   rate   of   detaching commands  by  UIC.  Members  who  do  not  submit  a NAVPERS 7041/1 are reported on a quarterly basis to the  members’  receiving  command  and  proper submission is requested. The information the Navy member  provides  on  the  NAVPERS  7041/1  is  vital  to the  effective  management  of  the  PCS  Program  by providing the means to closely estimate the cost of the PCS move and the subsequent obligation of funds. The data  is  also  compiled  for  statistical  use  in  developing budgets,  costing  proposed  legislation,  and  responding  to legislative  inquiries. INSTRUCTIONS FOR COMPLETION OF THE PCS TRAVEL FORM The  NAVPERS  7041/1  is  divided  into  the  following blocks  for  ease  of  reference: .  Member/PCS  Order  Identification  (blocks  1 through  5) . Part I - Itinerary (blocks 6 through 18) . Part II - Dependents’ Itinerary (blocks 19 through 26) . Part III - Household Goods (blocks 27 through 39) . Part IV - Vehicles (blocks 40 through 43) The following instructions are provided to assist you in preparing the PCS Travel, NAVPERS 7041/1. Refer to figure 9-1 as the blocks are discussed. IDENTIFICATION Block 1 - NAME: Enter the member’s last name, first name, middle initial. Block 2 - SSN: Enter the member’s social security number. Block 3 - PAYGRADE: Enter the member’s paygrade. Block  4  -  ORDER  NO./AUTHORIZATION:  Enter the authority for the PCS transfer. Block 5 - ACCOUNTING DATA: Use the account- ing data furnished on the PCS orders. All blanks on the form  that  do  not  contain  prefilled  data  require accounting information. Refer to BUPERINST 7040.6, chapter  II,  for  additional  information  relative  to  PCS accounting  data. 9-10

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