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Page Title: Instructions for Completion of the PCS Travel Form, Continued
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Block  10  -  NAME/LOCATION:  Enter  in  sequence the  complete  titles  of  all  the  intermediate  duty  stations to which the member will report in carrying out the PCS orders.  If  there  are  more  than  five  intermediate  duty stations,  continue  the  itinerary  or  sequence  on  the reverse side of the form in section I. Block 11 - MDTVL: Enter appropriate two-digit mode of travel cede contained on the reverse side of the form (sections I/II additional instructions) that reflects the method of transportation used in the execution of the PCS orders. The first character of the code should come from column (a) and the second character from column (b).  The  MDTVL  code  must  be  provided  for  the intermediate duty stations and ultimate PDSs; example: PA = Travel by Private Auto. Block 12 - NATURE OF DUTY: Enter the reason member  is  reporting  to  the  intermediate  duty  station.  See Nature of Duty in Abbreviations section on reverse side of  form;  example:    temporary  duty  under  instruction (TEMDUINS). Block  13  -  CLCVN  DATE:  Enter  the  class convening date for the course of instruction. Block   14   -   DURATION   TD/TDI:   Enter   the estimated  number  of  days  or  weeks  ordered  to  the associated  TEMDUINS  intermediate  duty  station  or  the estimated number of days or weeks at the TEMDU intermediate duty station; example: GRAD DATE less CLCVN DATE= DURATION OF TDI (21 FEB 93 TO 11 DEC 93 = 73 DAYS). Block 15 - LEAVE PERIODS: Provide an estimate of any leave periods anticipated before, during, and/or between  intermediate  duty  assignments. Block  16  -  ULTIMATE  PERMANENT  DUTY STATION: Enter the complete name of the ultimate activity to which the member is ordered to report. Block 17 - HOME PORT Enter the home port of the ultimate duty station. Block  18  -  DEPLOYED:  If  the  ultimate  duty station is deployed (ship, squadron or mobile unit), provide  the  geographical  location  by  checking  the appropriate  block. PART  II  -  DEPENDENTS’  ITINERARY Block  19  -  MARITAL  STATUS:  Indicate  if  the member is single or married. Block 20 - WILL DEPENDENTS MOVE: Indicate if dependents will accompany member in the PCS move. Block 21 - NUMBER OF DEPENDENTS MOV- ING  BY  AGE  GROUP:  Indicate  the  number  of dependents  by  age  group.  Spouse  should  be  included  in the 12 years and over group. Block 22 - DESIGNATED PLACE: If the member is ordered to an overseas duty on PCS orders, indicate whether  dependents  will  be  awaiting  entry  approval  or established  permanent  residency.  Provide  the  actual location (city/state) of the new permanent resident determined by the member and his or her dependents. Block 23 - DATE: Provide anticipated month/year of  dependents’  movement. Block  24  -  FROM: Provide   the   location (city/state/country)  where  travel  commences. Block  25   -   TO:   Provide   the   location   (city/ state/country)  where  travel  terminates.  Include  all movements to locations that are leave points and ports of  embarkation  and  debarkation. Block  26  -  MDTVL:  Enter  two-digit  mode  of travel code contained on reverse side of form (sections I/H, additional instructions) that reflects method of transportation  used  by  the  dependents.  MDTVL  code constructed in the same manner as described in member itinerary, block 11. PART  III  -  HOUSEHOLD  GOODS Block 27 - SHIP. NO.: Provides space for three separate   shipments. Block  28  -  DATE  SHIPPED  FROM  OLD  PDS: Enter the month/year of the HHG shipment from the old PDS. Block 29 - EST ARRIVAL AT NEW PDS: Enter month/year HHG are expected to arrive at the new PDS. The  required  delivery  date  (RDD)  determined  by  the transportation counselor per information supplied by the member and provisions of the DOD regulations maybe used. Block  30  -  METHOD:  Enter  C  for  commercial shipment or D for the do-it- yourself method. Reverse side of form (section III) contains these codes. Block 31 - SHIP FROM: Enter R if HHG were shipped from residence or S if shipped from storage. Reverse side of form (section III) contains these codes. Block  32  -  CITY/STATE/CNTRY  ORIGIN: Location from which HHG are being shipped. Block  33  -  CITY/STATE/CNTRY  DESTINATION: Location where HHG are to be shipped. 9-12

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