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Page Title: Instructions for Completion of the PCS Travel Form, Continued
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Block 34 - ESTIMATED WEIGHT: Enter the total estimated  weight  of  the  member’s  HHG  shipment.  An accurate estimate of the weight is very important and may prevent an excess-weight shipment. Three methods of estimating the weight are provided as follows: Past experience from a previous shipment of HHG. Estimate of 1,000 pounds per room. Inventory  of  Household  Goods,  DD  Form  1701. This form is an inventory of HHG and can be used to estimate the total weight. The DD Form 1701 can be obtained  through  the  local  transportation  office. NOTE:   Assistance   can   be   provided   by   the counselor at the local transportation office in developing an estimate of HHG weight and obtaining information concerning entitlements to ship/store HHG. Block  35  -  SHIPMENT  CODE:  Enter  HHG  for shipments that contain all or the majority of personal effects and property. Enter EXP for those HHG that are shipped separately from the bulk shipment and are required immediately or soon after the arrival of the member from performance of duty and welfare of their dependents. NOTE:  Complete  blocks  36  through  39  only  if storage of HHG is anticipated to be more than 6 months. Block  36  -  ESTIMATED  WEIGHT:  Enter  the estimated weight of HHG to be stored. Block 37 - DATE STORED: Enter the date HHG will enter storage. Block  38  -  EST  MOS  IN  STORAGE:  Enter  the estimated number of months HHG will be in storage. Block  39  -  STORAGE  LOCATION:  Enter  the city/state where HHG are to be stored. PART IV - VEHICLES House  Trailers.  Note  the  following  restrictions regarding  movement  of  house  trailers: If the transfer involves a move within CONUS and the member is moving a house trailer, the member is not entitled to ship HHG. If  the  member  is  being  transferred  to/from overseas,  the  member  may  ship  HHG  to/from overseas and move a house trailer; however, the house trailer cannot be moved outside CONUS. Block 40 - METHOD: Check the applicable block (commercial  or  self)  for  preferred  method  of  movement. Block  41  -  LOCATION:  Provide  the  location (city/state) the house trailer is being moved from and the location  (city/state)  the  house  trailer  is  being  moved  to. Privately Owned Vehicle. Complete this section only if the member is being transferred overseas. Either a POV or a motorcycle may be shipped overseas as a single vehicle shipment, but not both. If a member wishes to ship both, the motorcycle should be shipped as part of the member’s HHG and the POV as a vehicle shipment. When shipping a motorcycle as HHG, include it in the estimated weight of the HHG shipment. Block 42 - POV: Check the Yes box if shipping a POV  overseas;  otherwise,  check  the  No  box. Block 43 - MOTORCYCLE: Check the Yes box if shipping a motorcycle overseas; otherwise, check the No box. The reverse side of the form contains additional instructions  and  provides  for  member’s  signature. 9-13

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