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Page Title: The Navy Relief Society
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only short-term counseling. The centers make referrals to other agencies if long-term counseling or specific help is not available in-house. The services provided by various  family  service  centers  may  vary  from  location to  location.  You  can  learn  more  about  your  family service   centers   by   referring   to   local   command instructions on the subject as well as the  Family  Service Center Program, OPNAVINST 1754.1A. THE NAVY RELIEF SOCIETY The Navy Relief Society was established to help Navy personnel through times of financial hardship. It provides budget and financial counseling. The Navy Relief Society assists with emergency loans and the cost of higher education, if warranted. Financial assistance is provided as an interest-free loan,  which  is  normally  repaid  by  allotment  at  a convenient rate. If repayment causes real hardship to the member, the assistance is provided as a grant. Financial assistance  is  provided  for  dependents  solely  because  of their  relationship  to  service  members.  Therefore, whenever possible, service members should present their  families’  requests  for  assistance  at  a  Navy  Relief office. The   society   maintains   thrift   shops,   prenatal supplies, visiting nurse services, and other means of assisting  service  members  and  dependents  when  they really need it. NAVAL LEGAL SERVICE OFFICE The naval legal service office provides counseling in military and civil legal matters. Wills, powers of attorney,  and  other  routine  legal  papers  are  prepared. Legal representation in military courts is provided. Civil representation cannot be provided unless the office participates  in  the  Extended  Legal  Assistance  Program, but  preliminary  questions  can  be  answered  and  referral to civilian lawyers can be made. NAVY WIVES ORGANIZATIONS The Navy wives organizations enhance the general welfare of all persons within the Navy community. The Navy Wives Club of America, Incorporated, provides volunteer  work  for  Navy  Relief,  Red  Cross,  family service   centers,   and   numerous   other   community organizations. It also provides the following services: .   Assistance   to   needy   service   and   veterans’ families Visits to naval and veterans’ hospitals and service to  patients Financial  contributions  to  many  charitable  funds and  organizations Educational lectures and courses on the Navy, Navy  life,  rights  and  benefits,  career  opportunities, Navy Relief, Red Cross, and personal development and  skills Congenial  social  programs  for  the  wives  and families of enlisted personnel The  Navy  Wives  Clubs  of  America  Scholarship Foundation  provides  scholarships  for  college  work  and vocational training to dependent children of enlisted members of the Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard. A substantial part of the clubs’ fund raising is for the benefit of this major project. The Navy Wifeline Association is an informational and educational organization comprised of volunteer Navy wives. The purpose of Wifeline is to operate as an educational  center  and  provide  and  foster  channels  of communication  primarily  for  Navy  wives  and secondarily  for  naval  personnel.  Wifeline  strives  to broaden  the  understanding  of  the  Navy’s  mission  and commitments. OMBUDSMAN An ombudsman is a red-tape cutter and a two-way communications link between a Navy member and the Navy’s top echelon. One job of an ombudsman is to help the member get straight answers to questions and to help where red tape slows down the process. Other jobs are to present the member’s problems to the right people and to represent the member in the high command. In short, an ombudsman is the voice at the top. With the help of an ombudsman, the voice of a single Navy member is not only heard but has the ability to change existing Navy rules and regulations. For futher information, refer  to  the  Navy  Family  Ombudsman  Program, OPNAVINST  1750.1B. To communicate with the Navy Ombudsman, write to  the  Family,  Personal,  and  Community  Services Division, Pers 66, Navy Department, Washington, DC 20370. COUNSELING AND ASSISTANCE CENTER The  counseling  and  assistance  center  provides  help to personnel with alcohol and/or drug abuse problems. Along with the in-house counseling and help, referral to 1-8

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