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Page Title: Personal Problems
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needs and policies of the service. Each member must realize  the  importance  of  his  or  her  job.  Conflict between the needs of the service and the desires or incentives  of  an  individual  may  tend  to  destroy  morale. You  also  have  a  responsibility  to  show  concern when  personnel  wish  to  discuss  something  they  believe would  serve  the  interest  of  the  division. Their contribution  must  be  given  proper  recognition  and appreciation. They must be made to feel that they are a part of the organization. An indication of high morale is increased effec- tiveness,  patriotism,  loyalty,  will  to  win,  cooperation, discipline, confidence, satisfaction, and pride. There must be career opportunity; a fair measure of efficiency; a fair administration of leave, promotion, assignment to duty;   and   planned   programs   and   facilities   for leisure-time   activities. RECOGNITION Recognition is an excellent aid to the development of high morale. Recognizing the accomplishments of an individual is an important part of supervising. Take the initiative  to  recognize  outstanding  individuals. Make  recommendations  for  personal  awards  or special recognition such as sailor of the month, quarter, year, force, fleet, or Navy. Assign personnel to training schools. Assign  preferred  duties. Make  recommendations  for  reenlistment. Junior  personnel  respect  your  experience  and advice and appreciate any interest you show in their welfare.  If  you  display  enthusiasm  when  you  help someone make a decision, your guidance will more likely be accepted. The  effects  of  recognition  form  a  positive  attitude toward  Navy  life  and  a  long-term  effect  on  individual careers. SPECIAL SERVICES Advise personnel of Special Services recreation programs,  special  interests  groups,  clubs,  and  volunteer tour programs under the Navy and civilian sponsorship. Encourage  participation  in  intramural  sports  and off-duty  activities  with  the  objective  of  promoting camaraderie  and  physical  fitness.  Physical  development and mental stimulation also aid in the development of high  morale. PERSONAL PROBLEMS You may be required to counsel personnel who have personal  problems.  Some  of  the  areas  of  personal problems you may encounter are problem drinking, child/spouse abuse, nonsupport of family members, paternity  complaints,  marital  problems,  and  problem teenagers. A member may ask for your advice and assistance with financial matters. On the other hand, you know that a member has financial problems and the member does not admit the problem or seek counseling. The Navy expects its personnel to pay their financial obligations in a proper and timely reamer. However, enforcement of  the  private  obligations  of  personncl  falls  under  the control of civil authorities. You do not have the authority to  arbitrate  claims  or  controversies  about  the  private financial obligations of your personnel. Neither do you have the authority to act as an agent or collector for a creditor. Your job is to encourage your people to conduct their financial affairs in a way that reflects credit upon themselves and the Navy. You will find the Personal Financial Management Course, NAVS0 P3607, to be of particular interest to you for general military training. Also, emphasize to your personnel the Navy’s policy concerning the  Remission of Indebtedness or Waiver of the Government Claim Arising from Members of the Naval Service,  SECNAVINST  7220.38E. An up-to-date knowledge of Navy regulations and policies and a desire to help people are your keys to successful  personal  counseling.  Confidence  in  your knowledge of facts and a willingness to share your knowledge will encourage others to seek your advice and value your judgment. A knowledge of available Navy and community services will prove helpful in providing  answers.  There  are  numerous  agencies available that have trained and motivated counselors to provide assistance to persons who have problems that are affecting their lives and careers. Encourage your people  in  need  of  personal  financial  counseling  to  use the counseling service provided by the agencies. FAMILY SERVICE CENTER Family service centers serve as the focal point for existing family and personal support and assistance programs. They offer help with almost any problem- marital,   financial,   family   advocacy   (child/spouse abuse)-and  maintain  information  about  duty  stations throughout the world. Family service centers arc not the ultimate counselors in every case. In cases requiring specialized  professional  counseling,  the  centers  provide 1-7

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