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Page Title: Assignment 2, Continued
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2-9. Usually, the subject line of a letter is about how many words? 1. 10 words or less 2. 10 words or more 3. 15 words or less 4. 15 words or more 2-10. Of the following letter configurations,  which  one  is  the correct  way  to  identify  a  reference in the reference line of a standard letter? 1. (A) 2. (a) 3. A 4. a 2-11. When an enclosure to a letter is being  sent  under  separate  cover, how should it be identified in the enclosure  line  of  the  letter? 1. SC 2.     S.C. 3. (SC) 4. (sep  cover) 2-12. The signature page of a letter must contain at least how many lines of text? 1. One 2.   Two 3. Three 4. Four 2-13. What is the proper placement of the signature  information  on  a  standard naval  letter? 1. At the center of the page, two lines below the last line of text 2. At the center of the page, four lines below the last line of text 3. Ending flush with the right margin,  two  lines  below  the last line of text 4. Ending flush with the left margin,  four  lines  below  the last line of text 2-14. The page number of a standard letter should be centered at the top of the page 1/2 inch from the top  edge. 1. True 2. False 2-15. What type of stationery is used for the first page of a joint letter? 1. Letterhead of the senior originating   command 2. Plain  bond 3. Letterhead of the activity having  the  greatest  interest  in the  subject 4. White manifold 2-16. Where are the words JOINT LETTER typed? 1. One line above the SSIC information,  left  margin 2. One line above the SSIC information,   centered 3. One line below the date 4. Two lines below the date 2-17. When a multiple-address letter is mailed,  photocopies  of  the letterhead  copy  with  signature  are authorized. 1. True 2. False 2-18. Same-page  endorsements  are appropriate in which of the following  conditions? 1. A minimum of three lines of endorsement  text  must  appear  on the signature page of the basic letter 2. The  basic  correspondence  and the endorsement must bear the same  security  classification 3. The  endorsement  comments  are brief and few or no record copies  are  required 4. The  originator  has  requested  a reply within 3 working days 8

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