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Page Title: Assignment 4, Continued
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4-44. In  what  order  should  witnesses  be listed  on  the  NAVPERS  Form  1626/7? 1. Civilian witnesses and then military witnesses in order of seniority 2. Military witnesses and then civilian witnesses in alphabetical order 3. Military witnesses by seniority and  then  civilians 4. Military and civilian witnesses in the order of involvement in the  offense 4-45. If an accused refuses to sign the section  of  the  NAVPERS  Form  1626/7 that  acknowledges  the  accusation(s) against him or her, what action should be taken? 1. Any of the witnesses listed on the form may sign attesting to that  fact 2. The person informing the accused of the accusations should sign attesting to that fact 3. The accused should be given a direct order to sign the form 4. The form is forwarded without the  accused’s  signature 4-46. What appendix of the JAGMAN illustrates  the  notification  and election of rights that should be used when an accused is embarked in a vessel? 1. A-1-a 2. A-1-b 3. A-1-c 4. A-1-d 4-47. The XO may screen a case by holding an informal hearing or may impose punishment after reviewing the report chit and the record of the accused. 1. True 2. False 4-48. The results of NJP may be published in the plan of the day not later than how many months after the imposition  of  NJP? 1. 1 2. 2 3. 3 4. 6 4-49. Which of the following actions may be taken by a CO at mast? 1. Referral  to  an  Article  32 pretrial investigation 2. Dismiss the case with a warning 3. Postpone the action pending further   investigation 4. Each of the above 4-50. Regardless of the rank of an OIC, his or her NJP power is limited to that of a CO in what range of paygrades? 1. W1 to O2 2. O1 to O2 only 3. O2 to O3 only 4. O1 to O3 4-51. Which of the following NJP punishments may be awarded to an E-3 enlisted accused by an OIC? 1. Correctional  custody  for  14 days 2. Correctional  custody  for  7  days 3. Restriction for 15 days 4. Forfeiture  of  one-half  of  1 month’s pay for 1 month 4-52. What is the maximum number of specific  punishments  that  may  be imposed at mast? 1. Five 2. Six 3. Seven 4. Eight 4-53. Procedures  for  issuing  punitive letters may be found in which of the  following  publications? 1.  MCM 2. JAGMAN 3. MILPERSMAN 4. U.S.  Navy  Regulations,  1990 23

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