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Manufactures of such knives or bona fide dealers of such knives, in connection with a shipment made  under  an  order  from  any  person  listed above. Sharp-pointed or sharp-edged instruments that are mailable  may  be  accepted  if  properly  wrapped  and packaged. These instruments include knives, tools, ice picks, razor blades, and so forth.  The points and sharp edges must be wrapped to protect them from cutting or punching through the outer container. MARKING OF PARCELS Any  parcel  containing  firearms,  ballistic  or switchblade knives, or controlled substances (narcotic drugs)  must  NOT  have  any  marking  on  the  outside wrapper or container that would indicate the nature of the  contents.    For  specific  markings  for  other hazardous materials, refer to Module C of the DMM. FIREARMS Among the articles that are mailable only under special  rules  and  regulations  are  firearms  and,  in particular, concealable firearms.  A firearm as defined by the USPS is “any device, including a starter gun, which is designed to or may readily be converted to expel a projectile by the action of an explosion, spring, or other mechanical action, or air or gas pressure with sufficient force to be used as a weapon.” The rules and regulations set down by the USPS and the Gun Control Act of 1968 (Public Law 90-618) are rigid and may not be adjusted to fit any special situation. Handguns The term  handgun  means any pistol or revolver styled to be fired by the use of a single hand.  Pistols, revolvers,  and  other  firearms  capable  of  being concealed  on  a  person  may  only  be  mailed  under certain  conditions.    Short-barreled  shotguns  and short-barreled rifles are also considered as capable of being concealed on a person. Handguns  can  only  be  mailed  by  a  licensed manufacturer  of  firearms,  a  licensed  dealer,  or  an authorized  agent  of  the  federal  government  or  the government of a state, district, or territory.   Persons authorized to receive handguns through the mail for use  in  connection  with  official  duties  include  the following: Officers  of  the  Army,  Navy,  Air  Force,  Coast Guard,  Marine  Corps,  or  organized  Reserve Corps Officers of the National Guard or militia of a state, district, or territory Officers  of  the  United  States  or  of  a  state, territory,  or  district  whose  official  duty  is  to serve warrants of arrest or commitment Watchmen engaged in guarding the property of the United States, a state, territory, or district At a military post office the only person that may legally  receive  a  handgun  is  an  officer  of  the  U.S. Armed  Forces  or  a  licensed  dealer.    The  Navy exchange  officer  may  be  a  licensed  dealer  and, therefore,  would  be  authorized  to  receive  and  mail handguns.   Under no circumstances may any person mail or receive a handgun for personal use. Affidavits and Certificates Before  an  authorized  firearms  manufacturer  or dealer may mail a handgun to an officer of the U.S. Armed Forces, the officer is required to provide the shipper with an affidavit.  An affidavit for this purpose is a signed statement that the addressee of the handgun is authorized to receive it, and also, that the firearm is for official use.  In addition, the affidavit must bear a certificate that the handgun is for official use of the addressee  and  must  be  signed  by  the  individual’s commanding  officer.    The  firearms  dealer  or manufacturer  must  then  file  the  affidavit  and certificate with the postmaster at the office of mailing. A licensed firearms manufacturer or dealer must file  at  the  post  office  of  mailing  a  PS  Form  1508, Statement by Shipper of Firearms.   This form signed by  the  shipper  simply  states  that  the  shipper  is  a licensed firearms dealer or manufacturer and that the parcel  contains  a  handgun  or  parts.    If  there  is  a licensed firearm dealer located on the base, a PS Form 1508 must be presented at the time the dealer desires to mail  a  handgun.    An  affidavit  or  certificate  is  not required if a handgun is mailed by the command as an official  shipment.    The  Department  of  Defense  has ruled that members or officers of a rod and gun club may NOT send nor receive handguns through the mail. Rifles and Shotguns Rifles  and  shotguns  may  be  mailed  without  an affidavit or certificate that is required for handguns. 3-16

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