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FRAGILE—HANDLE   WITH   CARE   or RUSH DO NOT DELAY. Parcel  bombs  may  make  a  buzzing  or  ticking noise, or a sloshing sound. Pressure  or  resistance  may  be  noted  when removing contents from an envelope or parcel. If you, or anyone in your MPO, ever discover or are  suspicious  of  a  piece  of  mail  or  parcel  and  are unable to verify the contents of an article, you must observe the following safety precautions: DO NOT OPEN the article. Isolate  the  article  and  evacuate  the  area immediately. Do not put the article in a bucket of water or a confined  space  such  as  a  desk  drawer  or  file cabinet. If time allows, open windows in the immediate area.  This will help to clear the air of potentially explosive gases. Make sure you take NO chances, and don’t worry of possible embarrassment if the article turns out to be a  hoax.     Contact  the  appropriate  officials  for assistance. For handling and reporting of articles reasonably suspected of being dangerous to persons (as discussed earlier in this chapter) or suspected as letter bombs, refer to the DOD Postal Manual, volume I, chapter 9. RESTRICTED MATTER Learning  Objective:  Recognize   the procedures for mailing restricted matter. Restricted  matter  is  articles  or  substances specifically  prohibited  in  the  mails,  or  are  mailable only  under  limited  conditions  because  they  may  be injurious  to  life,  health,  or  property.    Included  as restricted  matter  are  obnoxious  odors  (any  matter emitting  an  obnoxious  odor  is  nonmailable)  certain liquids, powders, battery-powered devices, and sharp objects. INTOXICATING LIQUORS An intoxicating liquor is a potable beverage that contains  0.5  percent  or  more  of  alcohol  by  weight. This  small  amount  of  alcohol  content  will  almost always  include  all  whiskeys,  wines,  and  beers.   For mailing purposes, you should not accept any alcoholic beverage at a military post office. LIQUIDS AND POWDERS Liquids  and  semisolids  that  may  liquefy  under normal conditions and are otherwise mailable may be mailed if properly packaged (refer to Module C of the DMM).    Powders,  which  if  allowed  to  escape  from their  containers,  could  cause  damage,  discomfort, destruction,  or  soiling,  must  either  be  packed  in siftproof  containers  or  in  other  containers  sealed  in durable, siftproof outer containers. BATTERY-POWERED DEVICES Devices that are powered by dry cell batteries may be  mailed  if  the  batteries  have  been  removed  or deactivated.  The batteries may be shipped in the same parcel provided they will not come in contact with the device in such a way as to cause activation.  Batteries with liquid electrolyte (a solution that will conduct a current) are not permitted in the mail unless they are nonspillable type batteries that meet the standards in Module C of the DMM. ODD-SHAPED ITEMS IN ENVELOPES Odd-shaped items such as pens and bottle caps are not  acceptable  if  mailed  in  letter-style  envelopes. These types of envelopes are generally of insufficient strength  to  hold  items  other  than  normal  paper correspondence.    Envelopes  containing  odd-shaped objects   could   burst   and   the   contents   damage mail-processing equipment or injure postal personnel. KNIVES AND SHARP OBJECTS Knives (including sharp-pointed instruments such as stilettos that lack cutting edges) with a blade that opens  automatically  by  hand  pressure  applied  to  a button or other device in the handle, or by operations of inertia,  gravity,  or  both,  or  with  a  detachable  blade propelled  by  a  spring-operated  mechanism,  are mailable only when sent to: A  government  or  organization’s  designated supply  or  procurement  officer  and  employees ordering, procuring, or buying such knives for use with activities of the federal government. 3-15

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