Quantcast Civilian Conviction (Processing not Mandatory)

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Page Title: Civilian Conviction (Processing not Mandatory)
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Alcohol Abuse Rehabilitation Failure - 14134_273
Legalman 3 & 2 - Navy Lawyer / Jag training guide manuals
Separation in Lieu of Trial by Court-Martial
counseling to have occurred while assigned to the parent command. . Three or more punishments under the UCMJ within  the  current  enlistment.  The  latest  offense  and counseling must have occurred while assigned to the parent  command. .   Any   combination   of   three   minor   civilian convictions (and punishments under the UCMJ) within the  current  enlistment.  The  latest  offense  and counseling  must  occur  at  the  parent  command. . Three or more periods of unauthorized absence of more than 3 days’ duration, each within the current enlistment. The latest offense and counseling must occur at the parent command. . Nine or more violations (specifications) of the UCMJ within the current enlistment that have been disciplined  by  punishment  under  the  UCMJ.  The  latest offense  and  counseling  must  occur  at  the  parent command. . A set pattern of failure to pay just debts. . A set pattern of failure to contribute adequate support  to  dependents  or  failure  to  follow  orders, degrees, or judgments of a civil court. Commission of a Serious Offense (Processing not  Mandatory) An individual may be processed when a punitive discharge  would  be  authorized  by  the  Manual  for Courts-Martial,  (MCM)  for  the  same  or  a  closely related  offense. Commission of a Serious Offense (Processing Mandatory) An  individual  must  be  processed  when  the  CO believes that an individual committed extremely serious misconduct that resulted in, or had the potential to result in death, or serious bodily injury, such as but not limited to homicide, arson, or armed robbery. An  individual  must  also  be  processed  when  an incident involves sexual behavior that deviates from socially acceptable standards of morality and decency. Such behavior may include, but is not limited to: lewd and lascivious acts, sodomy, indecent assault, indecent acts,  and  indecent  exposure.  If  circumstances  involve an incestuous relationship, notify the Chief of Naval Personnel (PERS-661/83) immediately upon discovery. An individual must also be processed following punitive  actions  on  the  first  substantiated  incident  of sexual harassment involving (1) threats or attempts to influence  another’s  career  or  job  for  sexual  favors,  (2) rewards  in  exchange  for  sexual  favors,  or  (3)  physical contact of a sexual nature that could result in punitive discharge,  if  charged. Civilian Conviction (Processing not Mandatory) This subcategory allows for processing of a member based  on  a  conviction  by  civilian  authorities  or  action taken that is equivalent to a finding of guilty provided the  offense  could  warrant  a  punitive  discharge  or  the sentence includes confinement for 6 months or more without regard to suspension or probation. Separation processing may be initiated whether or not the member has filed an appeal or has stated an intention to do so. Civilian  Conviction  (Processing  Mandatory) An  individual  must  be  processed  based  on  a conviction by civilian authorities, or action taken that is equivalent to a finding of guilty, that involved an offense that either resulted in, or had the potential to result in death or serious bodily harm. MISCONDUCT DUE TO DRUG ABUSE A  member  must  be  mandatorily  processed  for separation by reason of misconduct due to drug abuse based upon one or more military or civil convictions for the  following: l  Drug  abuse—the  illegal  or  wrongful  use  or possession  of  controlled  substance(s) l   Drug   trafficking—the   sale,   transfer,   or possession with intent to sell or transfer, controlled substance(s) .  Drug  paraphernalia-—all  equipment,  products, and materials that are used, intended for use, or designed for use in injecting, ingesting, inhaling, or otherwise introducing  into  the  body  controlled  substances For  guidance  as  to  when  separation  processing  is mandatory, refer to OPNAVINST 5350.4B. Characterization  of  service  is  normally  OTH. Assign  a  TWSR  or  an  ELS  characterization  when separation processing is based solely on urinalysis test (fitness  for  duty)  results  or  when  separation  processing is based solely on drug abuse divulged through the 9-12

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