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Page Title: Authorized Corrections to Home Record Information
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Address and Home of Record
Personnelman 3 & 2 - Military manual for government personnel administration
Correction of Date of Birth
In all cases, a member’s home of record remains unchanged  during  a  continuous  tour  of  active  duty  or enlistment regardless of any changes in that member’s home address during that tour or enlistment. This is why the home address and home of record recorded in a member’s service record may or may not be the same. The rules governing a change in home address and a change in the home of record are different. CHANGE  IN  HOME  ADDRESS.—  During  a continuous  tour  of  active  duty  or  enlistment,  the member may change his or her place of residence (home address)  as  necessary. RESTRICTIONS TO CHANGE IN HOME OF RECORD.— There are different rules, however, for the member’s home of record. The official home of record can be changed in the service record only upon the member’s reenlistment or reentry into the service and provided  the  following  two  conditions  are  also  met: 1. There is no overlap in the reenlistment contract. 2. There is a break in service of at least 1 calendar day. In  maintaining  enlisted  service  records,  you  must be  completely  familiar  with  these  rules.  You  must  be able to understand the conditions involved in each case and  explain  the  distinctions  to  your  shipmates. Consider the case of CPO John Doe who desires to change his home of record to reflect a change in his home  address.  CPO  Doe’s  current  enlistment  expires on  12  March.  He  reenlists  on  14  March.  His  home address at the time of his reenlistment is different from the address recorded on his previous enlistment as his home  of  record.  In  Doe’s  case,  there  is  a  break  of service of at least 1 calendar day (13 March) and no overlap  in  the  reenlistment  contract.  Therefore,  Doe’s new  home  address  becomes  the  home  of  record  in  his service  record  for  his  reenlistment. On the other hand, let’s look at the case of PO Boat who also wishes to change his official home of record at the time of his reenlistment to reflect an actual change of  home  address  that  occurred  during  his  original (current)  enlistment. In  Boat’s  case,  however,  his reenlistment  occurs  before the expiration of his current enlistment.  Because  Boat’s  reenlistment  is  considered to  be  a  continuation  of  his  incomplete  current enlistment, his home of record remains the place that was originally recorded as his home of record for his current enlistment. When a member is separated from the service for the purpose of continuing on active duty in the same or another status and the reenlistment occurs 5-42 before the expiration of the current enlistment, the reenlistment  is  considered  to  be  a  continuation  of  the incomplete   enlistment   for   the   purpose   of   travel allowances,  and  the  place  recorded  in  the  enlisted service  record  for  the  incomplete  enlistment  remains the  official  home  of  record. AUTHORIZED  CORRECTIONS  TO  HOME OF  RECORD  INFORMATION.—  What  happens when an enlisted member discovers that the home of record recorded in the service record was not the actual home address at the time of her enlistment? While a change of home of record may not be made, a correction to  the  home  of  record  may  be  authorized  by CHNAVPERS. This can be done when the wrong place was recorded as the home of record through a bona fide error and when the place that was recorded as the home address   on   the   enlistment   document   before   the member’s receipt of orders to the relevant tour of active duty was not in fact the actual home of the member. Any request for a correction of the home of record must  be  submitted  by  the  member  and  be  fully substantiated  by  proof  that  the  place  requested  to  be designated as the home of record was the member’s actual home at the time of his or her call to active duty, enlistment, or reenlistment after a break in service of at least 1 calendar day. If the correction to the home of record  is  authorized  by  CHNAVPERS,  travel  and transportation allowances are based on the official corrected  home  of  record  recorded  under  the  provisions of the Joint Federal Travel Regulations (JFTR). CHANGE OF NAME According   to   the   MILPERSMAN,   Article 5010240, change of name in the official record is made only  after  an  administrative  examination  of  the evidence  and  approval  by  CHNAVPERS.  A  change  of surname due to marriage or divorce should be reported immediately. Before submission of a request for change of name, the service member should be advised of the Privacy Act statement relative to this information as follows: “The authority to request this information is  derived  from  5  U.S.C.  301  Department Regulations. The  purpose  is  to  effect  a correction of name. It will become a permanent part of the Navy Personnel Records System. Disclosure  of  the  information  requested  is voluntary;  however,  failure  to  provide  the information may result in disapproval of the request for change of name.”

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