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Page Title: DD Form 1934
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Counseling Members Concerning Hardship Discharges - 14214_76
Personnelman 3 & 2 - Military manual for government personnel administration
Members on Active Duty
the same purpose. Although DD Form 528 is no longer issued, you must still be made aware of it. DD FORM 1934 The Geneva Conventions also contain provisions for medical, religious, and auxiliary medical personnel to carry special ID bearing distinctive emblems. To comply  with  this  requirement,  the  United  States  issues a  special  Geneva  Conventions  Identity  Card  for Medical  and  Religious  Personnel  Who  Serve  in  or Accompany the Armed Forces, DD Form 1934. Figure 3-5 shows the front and back of an intentionally voided DD Form 1934. DD Form 1934 is issued in addition to DD Form 2N  (ACT)  to  active  duty  medical,  dental,  auxiliary medical,  or  religious  personnel.  These  medical  and religious  personnel  include  the  following  categories: Officers in the Medical Corps, Medical Service Corps, Nurse Corps, Dental Corps, and Chaplain Figure 3-5.—Conventions Identity Card for Medical and Religious Personnel Who Serve in or Accompany the Armed Forces, DD Form 1934. Corps, and auxiliary chaplains employed by the armed  forces • Enlisted HMs and DTs Members who are issued DD Form 1934 should be aware that this form is not intended to be used to authorize  or  certify  eligibility  for  (or  render)  any military benefits, privileges, or logistics support. The DD Form 1934 is prepared for all naval medical and  religious  personnel  ordered  to  ships,  operational aircraft squadrons employed in operations outside the continental  United  States  (CONUS),  or  activities outside the United States. It is issued before these personnel undertake travel outside of the United States or before their ship is deployed. Once issued, this card must be retained on the person at all times. When  ships,  aircraft  squadrons,  or  members  return to the United States, each DD Form 1934 is taken by the CO and/or his or her representative and filed in that member’s  service  record  for  possible  future  use.  It should  be  placed  in  an  envelope  clearly  indicating  its content. In cases when deployment outside the United States  is  irregular  and  sporadic,  the  form  may  be retained by the member at all times. Upon separation, the  DD  Form  1934  is  retrieved  from  the  member  and destroyed  by  the  separating  activity. As a PN, you will most likely come across DD Form 1934  when  you  are  doing  separation.  If  you  are responsible for doing separations and a member has a DD Form 1934 in his or her possession, make sure you make a page 13 entry indicating that the form has been destroyed. Although  you  must  be  aware  of  the  Geneva Conventions  IDs  and  your  associated  responsibilities, you will encounter these IDs much less frequently than you will the armed forces ID cards. ARMED  FORCES  IDENTIFICATION CARDS Whether  you  are  stationed  aboard  a  ship  or  a personnel support activity detachment (PERSUPPDET), you most likely will be involved in typing applications for the issuance of armed forces ID cards. It is possible that by now you are preparing these forms using a computer, where as before you were required to type them on a typewriter. Then again, it is also possible that your command has not yet obtained a computer system that contains the format for typing the ID card applications and you are still using a typewriter to prepare them. 3-17

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