Quantcast Performance Information Memorandum (PIM)

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Page Title: Performance Information Memorandum (PIM)
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Regular Fitness and Evaluation Reports
Personnelman 3 & 2 - Military manual for government personnel administration
Navy Good Conduct Medal
previous  regular  report,  the  regular  endorsement  will apply only to the period since the regular report. If there is any adverse matter in either a concurrent or concurrent/regular report, the regular reporting senior must make sure appropriate entries are made in the service record and the member is afforded the right to submit  a  statement.  Both  the  concurrent  and  regular reporting seniors must endorse the statement. NOT OBSERVED FITNESS AND EVALUATION REPORTS NOB fitness and evaluation reports are submitted to cover  short  periods  of  time  (generally  less  than  3 months) during which a service member cannot be meaningfully evaluated by his or her regular reporting senior. NOBs are submitted to cover periods of time during which a member is under instruction, They are also submitted to cover periods in which a member has been fully evaluated in a concurrent report. An NOB fitness or evaluation report may not have trait grades or an advancement recommendation. If there  is  any  trait  grade,  the  report  must  be  fully completed as an observed report even though all other traits are marked NOB. PERRFORMANCE  INFORMATION MEMORANDUM  (PIM) A  PIM  is  a  narrative-style  report  of  performance that provides information for use in verifying training accomplishments,  making  field  service  record  entries, and/or preparing elavuation reports. A PIM is prepared during the following occasions: .     For a member assigned to a command for duty or temporary duty less than 3 months .   For a period of ADDU or TAD of any length .    For AT, active duty for special work (ADSW), or mobilization recall lasting 17 days or less .  To  provide  course  completion  information required for page 4 of the field service record .  For  any  other  performance  that  should  be brought to the attention of the reporting senior The  PIMs  should  be  forwarded  within  15  days  to the command that will prepare the regular evaluation report  for  the  period  covered.  When  the  commanding officer  receives  a  PIM  on  a  member  of  his  or  her command, he or she takes into account information provided  in  the  PIM,  and  appropriate  entries  are  made in the regular evaluation report. A sample PIM is shown in figure 5-32. CHANGES AND SUPPLEMENTS TO FITNESS AND EVALUATION REPORTS After a fitness or evaluation report has been filed in the  official  BUPERS  microfiche  record  or  the  field enlisted  service  record,  it  maybe  modified  only  through administrative changes or the addition of supplementary material as discussed in annex P of BUPERSINST 1610.10, or through an appeal process as discussed in annex S. Figures 5-33 A and B shows you blank samples of fitness and evaluation reports. You should refer to figure 5-33 as you read the following discussion of the different  blocks  of  this  report. Administrative  Changes Administrative  changes  should  be  submitted  only  if the  modification  affects  the  Administrative  sections  of the report (blocks 1 through 19, 21 through 27, and 44 on the fitness report or block 48 on the evaluation). The administrative changes, as mentioned previously, may  be  submitted  by  the  command  or  reporting senior originating the report, the member’s current command, or in some cases by the member as discussed in annex P of BUPERSINST 1610.10. Supplementary  Material Your  command  should  submit  supplementary material if the modification includes the Evaluative sections of the report. Supplementary material may also contain  changes  to  the  Administrative  sections  of  the report.  Supplementary  material  may  be  submitted  only by the original reporting senior or the member’s CO as of the ending date of the report, or an authority granting redress   under   Navy  Regulations. Refer  to BUPERSINST  1610.10  for  additional  information concerning  supplementary  material. DISPOSITION  OF  FITNESS  AND EVALUATION REPORTS The BUPERS copy for E-5 and above with original signatures and initials should be sent to PERS 322 with a summary letter within 15 days after the ending date of the report. One copy should be filed in the service record, one copy given to the service member, and one 5-58

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