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Page Title: Incoming Correspondence
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Directives Issuance System
Storekeeper 3 & 2 - Manual for watching over inventory and other things needed in a store
Standard Subject Identification Numbers
produce  the  report  unless  the  person  responsible  for  its preparation  receives  the  request. The   responsibility   for   the   dissemination   and handling  of  official  correspondence  is  assigned  to  a specific   organizational   component   of   the   supply department.  An  SK3  or  SK2  in  many  instances  is assigned to this component, and in smaller departments and aboard ship may even be the component head. INCOMING CORRESPONDENCE Official  correspondence  received  by  the  supply department may become a permanent record of the department.  The  routing  required  between  the  receipt and the filing of correspondence depends on the type of information  furnished  and/or  the  action  required.  Local procedures usually prescribe a standard routing for all incoming correspondence. This is in addition to the routing   to   those   individuals   or   organizational components   primarily   concerned   with   the communication. A  route  sheet  similar  to  figure  3-6  maybe  used  to ensure  the  proper  routing  of  correspondence  requiring action.  This  should  be  prepared  in  duplicate  with  the original attached to the correspondence being routed and the copy being retained by the correspondence SK. As  the  correspondence  progresses  through  the  routing indicated,  action  is  taken  and  the  routing  sheet  is initialed  by  the  responsible  individuals.  When  the routing  is  complete,  the  correspondence  with  the original  route  sheet  is  returned  to  the  correspondence SK  for  filing.Figure  3-6.—Route  sheet. The   routing   scheme   may   be   placed   on   the correspondent itself if it is in the nature of information. This may be accomplished by the use of a rubber stamp. (See  figure  3-7). OUTGOING CORRESPONDENCE Outgoing  correspondence  is  usually  handled  by  the correspondence component of the organization. They use  a  rough  draft  prepared  by  the  originator.  The completed  letter  is  presented  to  the  appropriate  official for  signature. The correspondence file which accompanies the letter   to   be   signed   is   arranged   according   to   the instructions of the signing official. Once signed, the correspondence is dated with the date on which it is signed. File copies are removed for filing,   and   the   correspondence   forwarded   to   the addressee(s). TICKLER  FILE Another   responsibility   assigned   to   the correspondence  SK  is  the  maintenance  of  the  system used   to   ensure   a   timely   response   to   incoming correspondence. It may also be used to ensure the preparation   of   required   reports.   A   tickler   file   is established  simply  as  a  reminder  that  some  action  is required  prior  to  a  certain  date.  The  method  most suitable   for   local   conditions,   considering   size   of operations and the amount of correspondence handled, should  be  used.  The  methods  described  in  the  following paragraphs  are  frequently  used. The retained copies of the route sheet maybe used as a reminder for replies or reports of a one-time nature. They should be maintained by the date that the reply or report is due and retained until the required action is completed.  If  sending  correspondence  is  required, enough time should be allowed to ensure its receipt by to the recipient on or before the due date. For  reports  or  actions  of  a  more  permanent  or continuing nature, file folders maybe used. These may be numbered from 1 to 31, corresponding to the days of the  month.  Notes  listing  action  required,  data  required, background information, and reference data are filed in the folders according to due date. The folder for the current  day  is  pulled  each  morning  and  refiled  in  the back of the file after the contents are noted and after it is determined that the required action has been taken. When it is found that the required action has not been taken, the correspondence SK should follow up with the responsible   Personnel. FILING  CORRESPONDENCE Department   of   the   Navy   Standard   Subject Identification Codes, SECNAVINST 5210. 11, provides a   single,   standard   subject   system   for   classifying correspondence  for  filing.  This  system  is  used  for standardized numbering of Navy and Marine Corps documents by subject throughout the Department of the Navy. SECNAVINST   5210.11   contains   a   list   of standard subject identification numbers and a list of name-title  subject  identification  codes.  Except  at activities   with   an   exceptionally   large   volume   of correspondence,  files  normally  are  established  by subject  identification  numbers.  However,  files  may  be established by name-title codes or a combination of both. 3-12

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