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Page Title: Total Quantity NIS
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Issue of Pre-Expended BIN (PEB) Material
Storekeeper 3 & 2 - Manual for watching over inventory and other things needed in a store
Figure 8-4.—Example of the posting of partial Issues to stock record from NAVSUP Form 1250-1.
the issued quantities. If the quantities differ, refer to the NAVSUP P-485 for the action to be taken. COMPLETION  AND  DISTRIBUTION  OF NAVSUP FORM 1250-1 FOR ISSUES AND INVENTORY LOSSES OF STOCK MATERIAL After  posting  an  issue  or  inventory  loss  to  the  stock record, the stock records Storekeeper will complete the data entries on the NAVSUP Form 1250-1 as required by the NAVSUP P-485. After an issue or an inventory loss has been posted to   the   stock   record,   and   data   entries   have   been completed,   the   NAVSUP   Form   1250-1   will   be distributed as required by the NAVSUP P-485. PREPARATION OF NAVSUP FORM 1250-1 FOR NOT IN STOCK OR NOT CARRIED (NIS/PARTIAL/NC) MATERIAL When the total quantity of a requested item is not available and a partial quantity is issued, the storeroom Storekeeper  will  line  through  the  quantity  requested  on the  NAVSUP  Form  1250-1  and  enter  the  quantity actually issued (see figure 8-4). The remaining data entries in the issue request then will be completed in the same  manner  as  that  for  a  routine  issue  from  stock  If the  unfilled  balance  of  the  requested  quantity  will continue  to  be  required,  the  storeroom  Storekeeper  will prepare a new NAVSUP Form 1250-1 for the deficient quantity, duplicating all information from the basic document  except  the  quantity.  The  yellow  copy  of  the new  document  will  be  detached  and  given  to  the requester.  The  remaining  data  entries  in  the  new document  then  will  be  completed  by  the  stock  records Storekeeper  (see  figure  8-5). Total Quantity NIS If  a  requested  item  is  NIS  and  no  acceptable substitute is available, and if the quantity requested is still required, the stock records Storekeeper will verify the requester’s data, and then complete the remaining data  entries  for  requisitioning. Not Carried (NC) Material (Including  SIM  DTO) If a quested item is not carried in stock and an acceptable  substitute  is  not  available,  and  if  the requested  item  will  continue  to  be  required,  the  stock records Storekeeper will verify the requester’s data, and then  will  complete  the  remaining  data  entries  for requisitioning. The ML-N, COSAL, MCRL, or other pertinent publication listed the NAVSUP P-485 will be used to determine or verify data entries in a NAVSUP Form 1250-1 for NC material. See figures 8-5, 8-6, and 8-7 for examples of these entries. Management  Data  Entries After verifying the data furnished by the requester and before initiating a requisition for NIS/NC material (including   SIM   DTO   items),   the   stock   records Storekeeper  will  complete  the  required  issue  data blocks  entries  in  the  NAVSUP  Form  1250-1.  For complete management data entry information, refer to the NAVSUP P-485. USAGE DATA Since usage data plays a large part in determining future  allowances  of  material,  it  is  important  that usage be recorded. Usage data on all material for which a NAVSUP Form 1114 is maintained must be rounded on the stock record card If a NAVSUP Form 1250-1 is used  as  the  consumption  document,  an  additional document (NAVSUP Form 1114 or suitable document) is  filed  in  the  historical  demand  file  (HDF).  Hardback copies of NAVSUP Form 1250-1 and NAVSUP Form 1114 are filed in the following sequence: NIIN, NICN, part  number,  and  other  item  identification.  Copies  of SERVMART   Shopping   List   are   maintained chronologically, by Julian date of the applicable money value  only  (MVO)  requisition  number. In regard to the historical demand file, it will not be required if the type commander provides a monthly ADP  list  of  NC  items  qualified  for  stock  (based  on ACCESS   consumption   documents   that   the   ship submitted  in  the  past  12-month  period).  When  such  a list is provided, the hardback copies of NAVSUP Form 1250-1  for  NC  items  may  be  discarded  after procurement  documents  have  been  prepared,  and  the list  will  be  used  as  the  historical  demand  record  until replaced by the next monthly list. Superseded lists need not   be   retained   inasmuch   as   Supply   Operations Assistance  Program/Integrated  Logistics  Overhaul requirements for demand data applicable to NC items can be readily provided by the type commander’s ADP facility. Reporting  Usage  of  Nonissued  Material When material used for a maintenance action or other  purpose  was  obtained  from  other  than 8-4

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