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Appendix 3, Continued - 14317_420
Postal Clerk - Military guide to working in a post office
Appendix 3, Continued - 14317_422
d.   The number of mail orderlies designated shall be kept to a minimum.   The practice of designating all personnel attached as mail orderlies shall be carefully reviewed; keeping in mined the fixing of responsibility for accountable mail. e.   Designations.   Mail orderlies will be designated on enclosure (3) and DD Form 285, Appointment of Mail Orderly. Designated personnel are required to carry their cards and a valid identification card while performing mail-handling duties and to present the card when receiving mail.  DD Form 285 must be strictly accounted for and used only by designated personnel. f. Terminations. Individuals relieved of mail orderly duties will be reported to the post office by letter with an annotation describing the reason for termination (transfer, separation, etc.) with DD Form 285 card attached. g.    Mail  Orderly  Training.    Mail  orderlies  must  be  properly  trained  prior  to  assuming mail-handling responsibilities and issuance of their DD Form 285.  Training is held on a monthly basis  and  will  emphasize  the  importance  of  postal  services,  individual  responsibilities,  and  the serious consequences of negligence in the performance of duty. h.   Delivery of Minor’s Mail.   Minors may receive mail in care of their sponsors only. Delivery in care of others will not be permitted.   Accountable mail, Registered/Insured/Certified/ Express Mail/Return Receipt for Merchandise, addressed to sponsors may be pick up by minors only upon presentation of PS Form 3849, with applicable portions completed by the sponsor, and a valid identification card. 14.  Lobby Box Section a.  With regards to reference (a), the Lobby box section provides a means of delivery of mail to family members of personnel attached to ships home ported at Yokosuka.  Family members living in the Yokohama area will receive their mail through the Military Post Office in Negishi Housing. Lobby mailboxes will be assigned on a first come basis. b.    Only  applications  from  family  members  of  sponsors,  who  are  attached  to  ships homeported  at  Yokosuka  or  assignment  to  billets  requiring  frequent  travels,  will  be  processed. Military spouses with official orders to Yokosuka shore based commands are not eligible. c. Application forms for requesting box assignment are available at the serving post office. d.   Negishi  and  Ikego  post  offices  provide  mail  delivery  service  to  DoD  personnel  and military members residing in Negishi and Ikego Housing and BEQ/BOQ through individual boxes. In the event existing boxes are in use, a waiting list will be established. Applications will be placed in chronological order and assignment will be made as boxes become available.   Provisions will be established for temporary general delivery of mail for customers placed on the waiting list. e. Individuals not issued a lobby box will receive their mail through their respective division, department, agency, organization, bank or exchange by means of the “Mail Orderly System.” f.  Personnel with assigned boxes will not allow personnel other than their authorized family members  to  use  their  box  number  for  their  correspondence.   This  restriction  from  use  includes visiting friends and family who are not legal/authorized family members of the service member. Violations of this restriction could result in appropriate legal action, a 90-day notice of lobby box closure, and termination of MPS privileges 15.  Non-Mailable Matter.  USPS regulations define any article, composition, or material that may kill or cause injury, or damage the mail or property is non-mailable.  The mailer is responsible that items and substances presented for mailing are not prohibited by postal laws or regulations.   Non-mailable matter includes the following: a.  Lottery matter. AIII-9

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