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Postal Clerk - Military guide to working in a post office
USPS/DOD Postal Agreement
CHAPTER 1 THE MILITARY POSTAL SERVICE The purpose of this chapter is to give you a basic knowledge of the Military Postal Service (MPS), its mission  and  functions,  service  commitments,  postal facilities,  postal  personnel,  training,  sources  of information, and categories of personnel entitled to use MPS facilities. MISSION AND FUNCTIONS Learning Objective: Recall the mission and functions of the Military Postal Service (MPS) with a brief explanation on the nature of the MPS,  the  USPS/DOD  postal  agreement,  and the types of mail and postal services. The mission of the Military Postal Service (MPS) is  to  provide  service  to  the  Department  of  Defense (DOD)  agencies  in  support  of  DOD  missions.   The DOD operates military post offices (MPOs) in areas where the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) does not operate or in other places where the military situation requires. It  also  provides  postal  service  at  Navy  and  Marine Corps  installations  where  the  USPS  has  primary responsibility.    The  ultimate  goal  of  the  MPS  is  to provide a level of service equal to that provided by the USPS to the civilian population of the United States. Another goal is to ensure that an overlap or duplication of MPS functions between two military organizations in the same serving area does not occur.  The Military Postal Service is an extension of the USPS beyond the boundaries  of  U.S.  sovereignty  and  is  obligated  to provide prompt, reliable, and efficient postal service for  all  DOD  personnel  overseas  where  USPS  is  not available. USPS Publication 38 is the governing directive on the Postal Agreement between the United States Postal Service  and  the  Department  of  Defense. This publication   outlines   both   DOD   and   USPS responsibilities  in  providing  postal  services  for  the Armed Forces.  USPS publication 38-A is the directive that  describes  postal  services  available  to  military installations in the United States.  You do not need to become  familiar  with  these  publications,  but  you should be aware they exist. NATURE OF THE MILITARY POSTAL SERVICE The MPS is an extension of the USPS and operates under an agreement between the DOD and the USPS. On 5 May 1980, a single manager for military postal matters for the DOD was established. The Secretary of the Army was designated as the single manager.  This reorganization  created  the  Military  Postal  Service Agency (MPSA), and the Secretary of the Army named the  Adjutant  General,  U.S.  Army,  the  Executive Director,  Military  Postal  Service  Agency.     The Executive Director, MPSA, serves as the Department of Defense’s single point of contact with the USPS and other government agencies on Military Postal Service policies and operational matters. The MPSA has many responsibilities.  The one responsibility that will most directly affect you in the operation of your post office is MPSA’s   provision   of   technical   support   and monitorship  for  command  postal  operations  of  the military  services  in  overseas  areas  and  provision  of technical assistance team visits.  Basically, this means that  the  MPSA  is  responsible  for  the  direction  and administration of the Military Postal Service. The Military Postal Service includes the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard (when operating under the Department of the Navy).   As a group, and in cooperation with each other, the military services provide complete postal services for the U.S. Armed Forces wherever they are deployed. The Military Postal Service operates in accordance with  postal  laws  of  the  United  States,  U.S.  Postal Service  regulations  and  instructions,  and  directives issued  by  the  DOD,  the  MPSA,  and  the  military departments. The MPSA is composed of a joint staff of Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps postal personnel, and  DOD  civilian  employees,  headquartered  in Alexandria, VA. Each  military  department  is  responsible  for carrying out the policies and procedures issued by the DOD and the MPSA.   Within the Department of the Navy, the Chief of Naval Operations (CNO, N41) is responsible for the postal service within the Navy. The 1-1

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