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Page Title: Barbershop Schedule and Appointments
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preparing a laundry schedule for your ship, you will, of course, modify the schedule according to your  circumstances.  A  ship’s  laundry  schedule should  be  flexible  and  yet  should  be  able  to  ac- commodate   shipboard   conditions   like   general quarters,  all  hands  working  parties,  and  other major   evolutions. In  association  with  your  laundry  schedule,  you should  maintain  certain  records  and  logs.  The records  you  maintain  should  be  consistent  with your spaces, equipment, and available personnel. Bulk  work  and  press  deck  logs  should  be  main- tained  daily,  and  signatures  should  be  required for  pickups  of  completed  work.  The  information in these logs should provide you with a valuable resource  in  preparing  an  effective  laundry schedule.  Consult  your  NAVSUP  P-487  for additional  operational  requirements  associated with  the  successful  management  of  a  ship’s laundry. BARBERSHOP  SCHEDULE  AND APPOINTMENTS The  purpose  of  scheduling  appointments  in  the barbershop  is  to  provide  better  service  for  your patrons who have neither the time nor the inclina- tion  to  wait  in  line  a  long  time  for  a  haircut. All personnel aboard ship should receive hair- cuts  every  2  weeks.  This  means  your  appointment schedule  should  be  designed  to  allow  your  barber- shop to accomplish all the barbering work within this  period. In  scheduling  haircuts,  you  should  take  the following   factors   into   consideration: 1.  The  number  of  personnel  aboard 2.  The  number  and  competency  of  barbers 3.  The  daily  workload  of  each  barber 4.   Space   available   for   patrons   to   wait (usually no more than two patrons should be  waiting  for  one  barber) A barber can usually give a satisfactory hair- cut in 20 minutes. Therefore, if kept busy all the time during an 8-hour period, the barber can give up to 24 haircuts per day. The barber needs time for  personal  hygiene,  for  sterilizing  barbering instruments,  and  for  assisting  in  general  shop sanitation—to say nothing of rest periods and the noon  meal. The  two  systems  recommended  for  schedul- ing   appointments   for   the   barbershop   are   the appointment  system  and  the  division  schedule. Appointment System In  the  appointment  system,  appointment schedule  sheets  are  marked  off  for  a  definite number  of  haircuts  for  each  barber  during  the day. Barbers should maintain their own sheets and should post them either 1 day ahead of the time the haircut is to be given or early in the morning on the day the patrons apply for haircuts. There should be a space for the signature of each patron opposite  the  appointment  time  the  patron  has selected. The  appointment  system  works  fairly  well, although, on occasions, patrons fail to report for their appointments and can throw your schedule off.  Occasionally,  an  unclaimed  period  can  be claimed by another patron. If you experience too much  difficulty  with  broken  appointments,  you can report the offenders to the supply officer, who can report their names to the cognizant division officer. Patrons   who   make   what   they   think   are proper appointments and then find no barber to serve  them  are  understandably  upset.  Make certain the procedures you follow are well known by the patrons and are followed explicitly by all of  your  barbers. Division Schedule The   division   schedule   provides   a   definite number  of  hours  during  which  personnel  in  a particular division may receive service in the ship’s barbershop.  The  division  petty  officer  controls  the scheduling of appointments and sends a certain number  of  patrons  from  the  division  to  the barbershop at a time. This method of scheduling prevents broken appointments, but it is generally not  preferred  over  the  appointment  system. As  the  barbershop  supervisor,  you  should  save all appointment sheets for at least 2 weeks just in  case  someone  should  complain  about  not being able to get a haircut because all the appoint- ments were taken. This will also protect the barber in  the  case  of  personnel  failing  inspections  and then  claiming  that  they  really  did  receive  haircuts in  the  ship’s  barbershop  when  they  really  did  not. PERSONNEL   MANAGEMENT In  your  duties  as  a  supervisor,  you  will discover   that   personnel   management   will   be mainly  concerned  with  the  assignment  of  your people  on  the  basis  of  ability  and  interest  to 3-14

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