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Page Title: Modernization
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distinctly  different,  such  as  jewelry,  toiletries,  and confections.   In   addition   to   one   item   selling another, correlated display practices help remind the customer to buy items needed that might be otherwise  forgotten.  Failure  to  achieve  proper  cor- relation in displays makes shopping an annoying project.  For  example,  safety  razors  should  be displayed on one shelf rather than in several dif- ferent  locations.  However,  this  general  rule  should not discourage you from using vertical displays. When there is a significant range to be displayed, it is wiser to occupy 4 feet of space on three shelves rather  than  to  use  one  12-foot  section  of  shelf space.  A  vertical  arrangement  allows  the  customer to  view  the  entire  range  of  merchandise  in  one glance instead of having to scan a wide horizontal display. Displays should be primarily influenced by the customer’s ease in shopping. Maximize on the  impression  the  customer  gets.  Make  the customer aware of your entire range of merchan- dise and your obvious effort to keep the customer in  mind. Equipment and Facilities With the above principles in mind, you, as the ship’s store supervisor, should always be looking at  possible  ways  to  improve  or  modernize  your ship’s store facility. You should consider the loca- tion, layout, and condition of the on-hand equip- ment.  The  most  desirable  location  for  a  ship’s store  would  be  adjacent  to  the  general  mess, recreational area, or other high-traffic spot. The area in front of the store should be adequate to permit  a  free  flow  of  traffic  without  disturbing shoppers.  The  layout  of  equipment  both  inside and outside the store should be planned for the convenience of both the patron and the operator. The  equipment,  whether  old  or  new,  should  be kept   in   good   working   order.   Recommend necessary replacement or repairs without delay. Modernization If you find that your ship’s store does not meet the standards discussed above because of equip- ment that is outdated, unattractive, or nonfunc- tional, you may decide to recommend to the sales officer that your ship modernize its facility. If you feel  that  your  ship’s  store  needs  modernization, first  sit  down  and  take  a  good  hard  look  at  the areas  that  need  improvements.  Then,  you  can begin to take the necessary steps to acquire these improvements. Your first step is to complete a letter request to  the  Navy  Resale  and  Services  Support  Office (NAVRESSO) for permission to modernize. (The letter should state the purpose of the request.) You should  include  a  rough  sketch  of  the  area  to  be modernized. Show the exact dimensions in your sketches.  Note  the  height  between  decks,  any permanent  piping,  ventilation.  and  the  location and  size  of  any  other  fixtures  that  cannot  be altered. Take photographs of the area, if you can. Then,  submit  your  letter  request,  descriptions, sketches, and photographs to the Director, Ship’s Store   Division,   NAVRESSO,   for   review   and advice. Before taking any action on your request, the Naval   Resale   and   Services   Support   Office (NAVRESSO),  through  the  Naval  Supply  Systems Command  (NAVSUP),  will  work  with  the  ap- propriate ship logistics manager in the Naval Sea Systems  Command  (NAVSEA)  to  make  certain that all space reservations, utility requirements, weight  requirements,  and  other  considerations  are taken  into  account.  All  these  important  considera- tions  are  required  by  NAVSEA/NAVSUP  In- struction  9665.1.  NAVRESSO  will  then  prepare a  recommended  layout  of  the  area  to  be  improved. NAVRESSO will also provide cost estimates and procurement  information.  Remember,  no  im- provements  can  be  made  to  your  ship’s  store without   the   written   approval   of   NAVRESSO. Also   any   authorization   you   receive   from NAVRESSO   for   improvements   should   not   be interpreted  as  a  permit  for  you  to  expand  or enlarge  the  ship’s  store  at  the  expense  of  adjacent spaces. A further consideration for your store’s plans is interior shelving. Store shelving is widely used in  Navy  exchanges  and  is  recommended  by NAVRESSO  for  ship’s  stores.  The  steel  shelves are  easily  assembled  and  are  available  with  or without  backings.  The  shelves  have  steel  ticket strips  for  price  displays.  Shelving  units  may  be ordered   through   NAVRESSO. For  the  modernized  store  front,  it  is  recom- mended that you have translucent corrugated fiber glass panels installed in the space between the top of  the  store  front  and  the  overhead.  A  framed bulletin board with a Plexiglas front that can be locked should be installed in a conspicuous spot near  the  store.  Price  lists,  special  offers,  flyers announcing  merchandise,  and  notices  should  be placed on the bulletin board so they will not clutter the  store  front.  A  sign  or  decal  designating  the hours  of  operation  should  also  be  posted  where it can be seen but where it will not obstruct the 6-4

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