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Page Title: Accessories
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view  of  any  merchandise.  Finally,  an  attractive SHIP’S  STORE  sign  should  be  posted  where  it can catch the eye of any passing member, for this sign very definitely establishes the location of the ship’s  store. What  is  to  be  gained  by  modernizing  your ship’s  store?  The  benefits  that  will  accrue  after modernization  are  many.  They  usually  include improved and more complete displays, increased range  and  depth  of  stock,  increased  sales  (and therefore   increased   profits   for   the   recreation fund), and increased and improved service to the crew.   Finally,   and   perhaps   most   importantly, these benefits promote higher morale in the crew. Accessories There  are  many  and  varied  accessories available   to   ship’s   stores   that   add   to   the attractiveness and effectiveness of a display and of  the  store  itself.  You  should  consider  the  size of the store front and the shelving before deciding on the fixtures to buy. Some items that would be appropriate for shipboard use include sock forms, glove  hands,  and  hat  forms.  Additionally,  neck forms and counter pads are available for displays of ladies’ jewelry and gift items. Fixtures that are considered basic for most ship’s stores are shown in the Ship’s Store Afloat Display Guide Supple- ment. Various types of price tickets and holders may  be  obtained.  You  can  also  purchase  Dymo tapewriters  and  a  Mini  Press  sign  machine  for making  signs. Decorations  that  arouse  customer  interest  and add to the appearance of merchandise on display are  available  to  ship’s  stores.  The  All  Season Display kits include display material suitable for alerting customers to all major seasons and special events.  Plastic  cherubs,  garlands,  and  foil  heart strings are provided for St. Valentine’s Day; for- sythia sprays and honeycomb bunnies for Easter; carnations and ferns for Mother’s Day; oak leaves and  sprays  for  fall;  holly,  poinsettias,  and  bells for  Christmas;  and  ivy  and  plastic  ferns  for general  use.  The  decorations  are  listed  in  the  NRS Visual  Merchandising  Supplement  for  Ship’s Stores   Afloat. A homosote or cellotex panel may also be used in many displays. It is an inexpensive insulation board  that  may  be  easily  covered  with  colorful display  fabric  and  pinned  or  taped.  When covered,  the  shelf  offers  an  attractive  display area  that  will  enhance  the  high  quality  of  the merchandise. Charging of Display Aids and Major and Minor Equipment Minor  equipment  and  supplies  for  display purposes are procured as a charge to Ship’s Store Profits,  Navy.  Major  modernization  equipment, such as store fronts and extensive shelving, should be financed by the local ship’s OPTAR since this type of equipment involves alteration of the ship’s structure.  However,  if  the  type  commander  will not  approve  funding  for  these  items,  you  may charge   your   own   profits   for   the   material.   In this  event,  you  must  request  authority  from NAVRESSO to charge the cost of modernization to   Ship’s   Store   Profits,   Navy.   Upon   written approval from NAVRESSO, the cost of materials for improvements can be charged to Ship’s Store Profits,  Navy,  functional  account  75400.  Upon request, NAVRESSO may also provide a loan to your  ship’s  store  to  cover  the  costs  of  im- provements  for  a  maximum  of  3  years. If properly handled, modernized facilities can more  than  pay  for  themselves  with  a  resulting increase in sales. There is rarely a valid reason for not  improving  ship’s  store  facilities  because  of cost   considerations. Signs You can enhance your ship’s store displays by the effective use of signs. Signs are the silent voice of  the  store  operator.  They  tell  the  customer  where the store is, what is or will be on sale, what the item  is,  and  its  price.  Any  other  information, descriptive  or  explanatory,  that  would  help  the customer to shop more easily and quickly should also  be  included. In  many  cases  the  first  and  most  important contact  is  made  with  the  customer  through  a display.  If  that  display  does  not  convey  all  the facts to the customer, it has failed in its purpose. The  customer  can  usually  see  the  shape  and color of the item but there are many features that are  not  so  obvious,  such  as  the  content  of  the fabric or product or the size or number of pieces included in the package. The sign should convey this type of information. Careful attention given to sign preparation will very often speed up sales and reduce the amount of time required to serve each  customer. Store  operators  concerned  with  the  buying  and selling  operations  should  acquaint  themselves  with the  merchandise  and  its  qualities  and  features. Then  they  should  condense  this  information  on the  most  practical  size  and  type  of  sign.  Signs 6-5

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