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Page Title: Pass Desk and Identification Checks
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associated with your produce department opera- tion,  you  will  acquire  the  best  answers  through NAVRESSO  assistance.  Produce  Merchandising Association  techniques  are  being  taught  regularly in  NAVRESSO  workshops.  Contact  NAVRESSO for  the  help  that  you  need. AUTHORIZED   PATRONS Most  of  the  most  important  aspects  of  front end   supervision   is   dealing   with   commissary patrons in an effective, successful, and profitable way.  One  of  the  first  responsibilities  of  com- missary personnel at the front end is to verify that all  persons  who  enter  the  commissary  to  make purchases  are  authorized  customers. Definitions As discussed earlier in this chapter, it is the responsibility of the commissary to make certain that all persons who make purchases in the com- missary  identify  themselves  as  authorized  patrons or agents of authorized patrons. The commissary does  not  issue  or  approve  any  type  of  purchase credentials.   Similarly,   the   commissary   is   not authorized  to  issue  any  type  of  guest  entry documents.  The  definitions  for  authorized  patrons and agents are contained in the  Armed  Services Commissary Store Regulations (ASCSR). In some cases   concerning   definitions   of   authorized patrons,  other  Naval  Military  Personnel  Com- mand instructions may apply. Authorized creden- tials,   as   such,   are   listed   in   your   ASCSR. Regulations governing reservists and dependents of  reservists  are  also  contained  in  the  ASCSR. You should consult this publication whenever you have   any   doubts   concerning   authorized   com- missary  store  patrons.  It  goes  without  saying  that you should follow these regulations to the letter. Pass Desk and Identification Checks A pass  desk  or  booth  should  be  installed  at the entrance of every commissary. It is here that you  or  one  of  your  pass  desk  attendants  can identify   each   person   seeking   entry   as   an authorized  patron,  an  agent  of  an  authorized patron,  a  dependent,  or  a  visitor.  Instruct  your pass desk attendants to examine all purchasers’ credentials so that your staff can recognize that the credentials are acceptable. Instruct your staff to   take   special   care   in   making   sure   that purchasers’ credentials have not expired or been altered in any way. Whenever altered or expired credentials   are   presented,   your   pass   desk attendants  should  follow  the  procedures  that  have been established by the host command to deal with these problems. Normally, the credentials should be  confiscated  and  receipts  should  be  given  if  they are  requested  by  patrons. At all times, you should maintain strict con- trol over the entrance and exit of visitors to the commissary. Remember, visitors are persons who are  recognized  by  commissary  management  as persons other than authorized patrons and com- missary employees on duty. Make sure that your visitors  are  logged  in  and  out.  You  should  also issue  serialized  badges  identifying  the  types  of visitors. Types of visitors for which you will want to  prepare  special  badges  include  vendor  repre- sentatives and vendor stockers. Any baggers you may  employ  should  be  issued  visitor  or  bagger badges. For all other authorized, official visitors, such  as  representatives  from  NAVRESSO,  you should issue badges marked Official Visitor. The information in the visitors’ log should include the name, the purpose of the visit, the serial number on  the  badge,  the  date,  and  the  times  logged  in and  out. To allow for ready identification of store per- sonnel, all store employees should wear easy-to- see   clip-on   identification   cards.   You   should encourage  the  use  of  these  cards  in  all  cir- cumstances. Employees who are stationed at the store  entrances  for  the  purpose  of  checking identification  credentials  should  be  prominently identified   as   commissary   personnel.   These employees  should  be  carefully  instructed  in  all matters   involving   procedures   for   checking identification,  giving  refunds,  cashing  checks,  and answering  questions  concerning  the  location  of rest  rooms,  layout  of  the  sales  floor,  and  other general  information  they  might  be  asked  to furnish  to  patrons.  Just  as  in  any  other  sales operation,  the  persons  who  are  assigned  these responsibilities and who occupy visible jobs must project  an  image  that  reflects  positively  on  the commissary. Since these people are the patron’s first contact with the commissary, these employees must  always  exhibit  a  demeanor  and  an appearance that represent the commissary store in  a  favorable  light. AUTHORIZED   TENDER With  the  exception  of  charge  sales,  all  com- missary patrons must use certain authorized forms of tender in exchange for purchases as cash. The 8-19

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