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Page Title: Misbehavior of Sentinel
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installation,  vessel,  vehicle,  or  aircraft  used by or under the control of the armed forces a  substance  described  in  subsection  (b) shall be punished as a court-martial may direct. (b)  The  substances  referred  to  in subsection  (a)  are  the  following: (1)  Opium,  heroin,  cocaine, amphetamine, lysergic   acid diethylamide,   methamphetamine, phencyclidine, barbituric acid, and marijuana  and  any  compound  or derivative  of  any  such  substance. (2) Any substance not specified in  clause  (1)  that  is  listed  on  a schedule  of  controlled  substances prescribed by the President for the purposes  of  this  article. (3)  Any  other  substance  not specified in clause (1) or contained on a list prescribed by the President under  clause  (2)  that  is  listed  in schedules  I  through  V  of  section 202  of  the  Controlled  Substances Act  (21  U.S.C.  812). Art. 113. Misbehavior of Sentinel Any  sentinel  or  lookout  who  is  found drunk or sleeping upon his post, or leaves it before he is regularly relieved, shall be punished,  if  the  offense  is  committed  in time of war, by death or such other punish- ment as a court-martial may direct, but if the  offense  is  committed  at  any  other  time, by such punishment other than death as a court-martial  may  direct. A  post  is  not  limited  by  some  actual  or imaginary line, nor is it confined to those times when you may be on watch as a sentry. This article covers all periods when you are standing a watch of any kind, such as guarding stores or prisoners or acting as a bow lookout. It also covers periods when  you  are  performing  any  other  duty  that requires you to remain alert at all times. A  sentinel  on  post  who  is  found  asleep  or drunk is guilty of a serious offense; in time of war, the  offense  may  be  punishable  by  death.  For persons   in   the   armed   forces,   drunkenness   is prejudicial to good order and discipline whenever and wherever it appears. Being drunk in public, whether  a  person  is  in  uniform  or  civilian  clothes, may bring discredit upon the service, while being drunk on station is a breach of military discipline. But  being  drunk  while  on  duty  as  a  sentinel  or lookout  in  time  of  war  might  endanger  every person  in  the  command. Art. 114. Dueling Any  person  subject  to  this  code  who fights  or  promotes,  or  is  concerned  in  or connives at fighting a duel, or who, having knowledge of a challenge sent or about to be  sent,  fails  to  report  the  fact  promptly to the proper authority, shall be punished as  a  court-martial  may  direct. Art. 115. Malingering Any person subject to this code who for the  purpose  of  avoiding  work,  duty,  or service— (1)  feigns  illness,  physical  dis- ablement,  mental  lapse  or  derange- ment;  or (2)   intentionally   inflicts   self- injury; shall be punished as a court-martial may direct. “Malingering”  is  an  offense  defined  as  any act  to  avoid  duty  by  pretending  to  be  ill  or physically/mentally   disabled. Art. 116. Riot or Breach of Peace is Any  person  subject  to  this  code  who causes  or  participates  in  any  riot  or  breach of the peace shall be punished as a court- martial  may  direct. The  term  “riot”  is  used  when  a  disturbance caused  by  a  group  of  three  or  more  persons engaged  in  a  concerted  action  against  anyone  who may  oppose  them. “Breach of the peace” is an unlawful disturb- ance by violent or turbulent means that disturbs the peace of the community. Engaging in a fight or using abusive words in public are examples of breach  of  the  peace.  As  used  in  this  article, “community”  includes  any  military  installation or  ship  as  well  as  a  civilian  community. 6-20

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