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Page Title: Case Number 7 -Continued
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SA Doe charges up to the office and presents himself at  the  window.  The  DK  looks  up  from  his  desk, “Whatayawant?” “I just called about special pay, and you said to come on up to the office.” “How much ya need?” SA Doe thinks to himself, This is great! I was afraid I wouldn’t have enough money to get home. Now I’ll be able to take a plane. He answers, “$300 will be plenty.” the it.” “Where’s your chit?’ SA Doe is taken aback. He looks questioningly at DK “Wha—” “Your  special  request  chit;  the  XO  has  to  approve “Oh,  I  didn’t  know,”  SA  Doe  mumbles. “Well you know now.” SA  Doe  heads  for  the  division  office  where  he obtains the special request form and fills it out; then he heads back to his division PO for the first signature. PO Boate  is  helpful  in  getting  his  leave  approved,  and  he takes the special pay request to the division officer and the department head. PO Boate explains that the reason SA Doe didn’t submit the request earlier was because he was  not  familiar  with  the  procedures  for  obtaining special pay. The head of the department approves the request and says that he will take it to the XO to save time. SA  Doe  soon  has  his  approved  request,  and  he returns to the disbursing office to get his money. Just as he reaches the office, the DK comes out, closes the door, and locks it. “Excuse me, when can I get my money? I have the special  request  approved?” “I’m gonna eat. Come back after 1300.” At 1300, SA Doe is standing by the door waiting for the DK to return. As the DK approaches, his first words are, “Are you here again?” “Yes sir. You said to come back at 1300.” “Come on in. If I don’t get you outa my hair, I’ll never get nothin’ done.” The DK takes Doe’s special request and goes to the file  to  pull  Doe’s  financial  record.  He  keeps  up  a constant one-sided conversation to impress SA Doe with all the work he has to do, the extra work caused by the special pay request, and the fact that if he wasn’t such a nice guy he wouldn’t bother with it at all. “Where’d you get the idea ya had $300 coming? The most you can draw is $200.” “I don’t know. You asked me how much I wanted. With $300, I could fly.” “O, boy!! I oughta throw the whole works in the can. Do you want the $200?” “Yes  sir.” Later, as SA Doe finishes packing, he confides his financial problem to a friend and asks if he can borrow some money from him to be repaid when he returns. His friend says he doesn’t have any extra, but he has heard of one man who obtained a loan from the recreation fund. SA Doe again seeks out PO Boate and asks him about the possibility of getting a loan from the recreation fund. PO Boate goes with him to see the recreation fund custodian and vouches for his need. Only a short time is needed to arrange for the loan of $100. EVALUATION OF CASE NUMBER 7 All’s well that ends well? Let’s consider PO Boate’s performance  first. He was very helpful each time SA Doe approached him. But were there three problems or just one problem that required three trips to solve? SA Doe only had one problem—to get home on emergency leave. Sure, PO Boate was helpful, but wouldn’t he have been more of a help if, when presented with the leave request, he had asked, “Do you have enough money to make the trip?” His  greater  knowledge  and  experience  could  have 2-12

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