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Page Title: Evaluation of Case Number 3
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“But, the division PO told me that they would before long, and I should start now trying to get in,” he replies. SN Christmas reluctantly gets up and starts for the file  cabinet.  “What’s  your  name?” “Boate, Jon T. I’ m in the deck force now.” SN Christmas pulls his record and walks to the counts. “Your test scores are not high enough for RM school.” He closes the record and starts back to the file cabinet. “But, the PO said I could get the scores waived based on the needs of the Navy.” SN Boate has learned quite a bit about the Radioman rating by completing the Navy’s  correspondence  course  for  the  rating  and  asking the radio gang a lot of questions—he doesn’t want to miss his opportunity to become one of them. “Everybody’s a #$%& expert!” SN Boate stammers, “He said you waived the scores for.  .  .” “Put in a chit! It’s no skin off my nose. It won’t be approved.” He replaces the record in the file and returns to his desk. “Why?” “#$%&, we can only waive 10 points, which won’t do you any good.” LPO  Brush,  finally  disturbed  by  the  rising  voices, looks up from his book and glares at SN Boate, ‘We don’t tell you how to chip the #$%& deck don’t try to tell  us  how  to  do  our  #$%&  job!  You  heard  what Christmas said. Now quit bothering him; he’s got work to do.” SN Boate turns and walks away. LPO Brush shakes his head as he says, “These guys today; no respect at all.”   He returns to his book, and Door and Christmas resume their discussion of their anticipated liberty. A  few  minutes  later,  PO  Seaman  enters  the personnel  office.  He  has  finally  received  his  long awaited  orders  for  shore  duty.  He  has  only  been transferred  twice—to  school  and  then  to  the  ship.  Since then he has become a husband and father. Both PO Seaman and his wife are looking forward to the tour of shore duty, but both has several unanswered questions about transferring with dependents. So, PO Seaman enters the personnel office and says, “Hey, Door, you got my orders typed up yet?” PO  Door  comes  over  to  the  counter.  “Not  yet. What’s your hurry? You won’t be leaving for another month.” “What will my detachment date be?” “I haven’t figured it out yet. It depends on how much leave you take and how much travel time is allowed.” LPO Brush looks up from his book, “Door, haven’t you typed his orders? You’ve had them for 2 weeks.” “We’ve been busy. I’ll get it now, Brush. How much travel time and leave does he get?” “Look it up! I thought your work was all caught up.” “I’ll be caught up by the time they sound liberty call.” LPO Brush snorts, “You will be caught up before your liberty starts. PO Seaman, can you come back in about an hour? That should give these geniuses enough time.” “I guess so. Say, I am going to have some furniture to ship. Do you take care of that’?” “Naw. Check with Supply. They should have some answers for you.” As PO Seaman leaves the office, LPO Brush goes back to his desk, muttering, “If you want anything done right, you can expect to do it yourself.” EVALUATION OF CASE NUMBER 3 Other  than  the  somewhat  careless  approach  to preparing PO Seaman’s orders, there is not much basis for  marking  these  items.  However,  LPO  Brush  would probably give the office a high rating. After thought his office was functioning smoothly. all, he 2-7

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