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Page Title: Basic Criteria for Average Daily Cash Requirements
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effective on 01 October and 01 April of the fiscal year. The request must be in writing and must contain the specific, required information set forth in Volume 5. The request must include the amount to be held by the DO and the amount to be held by the deputies and the agent cashiers in the main disbursing office. The requests by deputies, agents, and alternate agents must be forwarded via the DO. When a deputy or agent is not under the same command as the DO, the request must also be routed via the deputy or agent’s CO  or  OIC.  Approval  will  be  indicated  by  appropriate endorsement and the original request will be returned to the DO, deputy, or agent for retention. DETERMINATION  OF  CASH REQUIREMENTS All DOS must compute their average daily cash requirements. Normally, a DO does this by subtracting daily cash collections from daily cash disbursements over a representative period of time and averaging the results. If daily replenishment is feasible, no other computation by the DO is necessary. Otherwise, the DO  should  compute  the  requirement  based  on  the source and availability of funds. Basic Criteria for Average Daily Cash Requirements Table 1-2 shows the criteria a DO should use for determining  cash  requirements. Special Requirements for Increases At times, special circumstances will require DOS to increase  their  cash  holdings  beyond  the  amounts indicated in this table, In these cases, the circumstances and duration of the need for increased cash must be detailed in a request for approval to increase cash held at personal risk. Special  Requirements  for  Afloat  Units Afloat DOS may have additional circumstances associated with extended underway operations and overseas deployments. In these situations, the normal rules  may  not  apply. After  a  cash  requirements determination has been made, a temporary (not over 30 days) request to hold the additional cash at personal risk may   be   submitted   to   the   CO   for   approval.   If circumstances  are  expected  to  exceed  30  days  or become permanent, a new request will be forwarded to stay in effect until conditions change. SAFEGUARDING OF FUNDS Access to public monies and related instruments and documents must be restricted. This is one of the reasons  for  limiting  accountable  positions. Other reasons are based on security and sound accounting procedures. In the safeguarding of funds, both the CO and the DO will have specific responsibilities. Commanding Officer The   CO   is   responsible   for   providing   every individual entrusted with public funds a safe or some other adequate secure storage facility. The storage Table 1-2.—Determination of Cash Requirements 1-19

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