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Page Title: Disbursing Officer
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facility is for the exclusive use and accessibility of that individual.  The  CO  is  also  responsible  for  developing a  security  program  and  issuing  it  in  the  form  of  a command instruction or notice. This program must provide adequate security for the maximum amount of funds and related instruments that will be on hand at any given  time.  The  security  program  must  also  cover  the protection of personnel, including provisions for armed guards when they are required. Disbursing Officer The   DO   is   responsible   for   monitoring   the effectiveness  of  the  security  program.  This  broad responsibility  includes  making  sure  the  following requirements are met: Vaults   and   safes   are   not   accessible   to unauthorized  personnel. Cash is not held in excess of the amount required and authorized. Windows and doors are limited and locked at all times outside of business hours. Access  to  the  working  area  is  limited  and conspicuously  marked  Authorized  Personnel  Only. Transactions  should  be  conducted  from  a  cage,  room, or counter enclosure, constructed in a manner that will prevent  a  physical  barrier  to  normal  traffic  and  a minimum  of  interference  by  other  activities  and personnel in the office. Security  devices  for  the  check-signing machines,  meters,  and  plates  are  kept  in  the  custody  of the DO or an authorized deputy at all times. Internal  office  procedures  are  established  to provide  adequate  controls  on  all  undelivered  and returned checks. Responsibility for receipt, holding, and final distribution of checks will be assigned in writing. The CO is advised of any security shortfalls or breaches. DFAS-CL  is  informed  of  any  request  for adequate  safeguarding  facilities  that  has  been  denied. Oral and written instructions are provided to all deputies, agents, and cashiers regarding the proper care and handling of cash and other accountable instruments. (The  DO  should  maintain  an  affidavit  from  each accountable individual attesting to the receipt of these instructions.) All  cash  and  related  documents  are  kept  in containers that meet the requirements set forth in the DODFMR,  Volume  5. All  fund  containers  aboard  ship  and  fund containers ashore that are either on rollers or weigh less than 750 pounds are secured in such a way as to prevent movement. Containers that are visible to the exterior of the office  where  security  patrols  pass  are  properly illuminated. This requirement is mandatory in all cases afloat. The combinations to all safes and containers are changed  at  least  every  6  months  and  upon  relief, transfer, separation, or discharge of the accountable individual. Each combination is known only to the responsible individual. A signed and dated record is kept of all combination changes. The dial to each container is covered by a shield to  limit  the  possibility  of  the  combination  being observed. The name and phone number of the individual responsible for each container are posted on the inside of that container. Keys to the workspace or disbursing office are strictly controlled and a written record is maintained to identify  the  persons  to  whom  keys  were  issued  and  the times when keys were both issued and surrendered. All security equipment is tested every 6 months for  proper  operation  and  a  record  of  the  tests  is maintained. As  indicated  by  these  requirements,  the  DO’s overall responsibility for security is directly related to the  routines  of  business. TRANSFER OF FUNDS Occasionally, DOS are required to transfer funds in their  possession. From One DOD Disbursing Officer to Another If the transfer is simply to another DOD DO, the normal  exchange-for-cash  procedures  are  followed. Under  other  circumstances,  however,  the  requirements will  be  different. 1-20

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