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Page Title: Chapter 3 Travel Allowances
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CHAPTER 3 TRAVEL  ALLOWANCES The processing of travel claims is perhaps the most complex area of disbursing you will encounter. This is because  it  will  require  you  to  deal  with  so  many variables, such as the time of day, method of travel, type of orders, and location. As a senior DK, you must have extensive  knowledge  about  how  you  should  handle these complexities. First, you must have an intimate knowledge of the Joint  Federal  Travel  Regulations (JFTR), Volume 1, and Navy Travel Instructions (NTI). You  must  also  have  a  thorough  understanding  of  the applicable   accounting   procedures,   appropriations, decisions of the Comptroller General of the United States, and local rules and regulations. Since settlement within 10 working days of receipt of a travel claim is required, promptness and accuracy in paying claims are ongoing  pressures.  This  chapter  is  intended  to  give  you an overview of some areas you must understand to handle these pressures and responsibilities successfully. This chapter will not cover the fundamentals of travel  claims  or  provide  you  with  introductory information   on   this   subject.   For   fundamental information, we recommend you review  Disbursing Clerk 3 & 2, NAVEDTRA 12658, which introduces and explains several travel claim topics, It covers topics such as general permanent change of station (PCS) allowances, temporary lodging expenses, temporary duty advances, and travel allowances. The information you will read about in this chapter will go beyond the basics.  In  this  chapter,  you  will  read  about  the following topics: Activities  responsible  for  the  administration  of travel Dislocation Allowance (DLA) Active duty for training travel Special travel categories Travel expenses not payable by the government Control  of  waste,  fraud,  and  abuse  in  travel claims ADMINISTRATION  OF  TRAVEL As a senior DK working in a travel section, you will have  a  dual  responsibility  in  the  administration  of travel. You will be responsible to the disbursing officer (DO) to make certain proper payments are made and to the Navy to ensure the economical use of its available funds is being carried out. When the money is not available,  needed  travel  cannot  be  performed.  The administration  of  travel  is  mainly  concerned  with obtaining  money  resources  to  fulfill  the  Navy’s  needs and managing those resources once they are obtained. DKs can provide valuable advice in the use of this funding to help the Navy maximize benefits derived from  it. As  we  examine  the  offices  involved  in  the administration  of  travel,  two  points  must  be remembered. First, the duties of the offices are separate and unique. Second, the overall responsibilities are mutually  shared.  This  may  sound  confusing,  but  look at it this way. The Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) is responsible for fulfilling the assigned mission of the Navy. This mission brings the various offices together for a common purpose. At the same time, these offices require individual accountability. Keep these points in mind as we look at the various offices concerned with Navy  travel. BUREAU OF NAVAL PERSONNEL In  the  Navy’s  mission,  the  Bureau  of  Naval Personnel (BUPERS) is responsible for meeting the quantitative  and  qualitative  manpower  requirements  of the  Navy.  This  means  BUPERS  must  assign  the required number of personnel to do Navy jobs on a timely basis, regardless of location. To accomplish this part  of  the  Navy’s  mission,  CNO  has  designated BUPERS   (PERS   332)   as   the   manager   of Navy-sponsored passenger transportation. As such, BUPERS  is  responsible  for  administering  the  Navy’s program   for   the   worldwide   movement   of Navy-sponsored  passengers. 3-1

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