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Page Title: Undeliverable Checks
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one  shown  in  figure  4-4,  is  used  as  the  collection document. Refer to the far right column of the SF 1098 in figure 4-4. Notice how the appropriation that was originally charged when the payment was made is now credited for the amount of the canceled check. The SF 1098 must show all lines of accounting data charged and credited on the original disbursement voucher. The checks  must  be  deposited  to  the  checking  account symbol  number  used  by  the  DO  making  the cancellation.  No  payee  endorsement  on  the  reverse  of the  check  is  necessary;  only  the  DO’s  endorsement stamp is required. DEFACEMENT   PROCESS.—   The  following statement must be typed or stamped on the face of each canceled   check:   NOT  NEGOTIABLE  -  FOR PAYMENT   AND   CREDIT   IN   THE   U.S. TREASURY.   D.O.   SYMBOL The letters of the legend must be of prominent size to remove  all  possibility  of  negotiation.  The  stamp  must be placed so that the defacement will not interfere with the  MICR  encoding. DEPOSIT TICKET.—  Canceled checks will be deposited on a Deposit Ticket, SF 215, separately from other  collections. The requirements for depositing canceled checks are not based on the money amounts like other deposits. As described earlier, each canceled check must have the appropriate statement typed or stamped on its face. It should then be held for consolidation with the other canceled checks when the SF 215 is prepared. DISPOSITION.—  Deposits of canceled checks shall be forwarded to an FRB or branch no later than the 25th  of  the  month  in  which  the  canceled  checks  were received. Checks received for cancellation after the 25th of the current month will be stamped promptly and retained  for  recording  and  deposit  in  the  following month’s  accounts.  All  DOs  (CONUS  and  overseas) shall deposit all canceled Treasury checks with the nearest FRB or branch. UNDELIVERABLE  CHECKS We explained earlier how a Treasury check that was not delivered to the payee within 60 days after the month of issue is classified as an undeliverable check. As  a  senior  DK,  you  should  be  aware  of  specific requirements   for   the   storage   and   handling   of undeliverable checks. You should also understand the basic documentation and accounting procedures for these  checks. SECURITY AND STORAGE REQUIREMENTS All undeliverable checks must be kept in a safe or security container that carries at least a Class 1 or Class 5   security   level. All  undeliverable  checks  in  a disbursing operation should be filled in a way that is best suited for ready identification whenever a check is claimed  or  when  one  is  prepared  for  mailing  after  an appropriate  address  has  been  determined. Undelivered checks should not be removed from the  safe  or  held  by  disbursing  agents  except  for immediate  cancellation,  deposit,  or  delivery  to  the payee. RETURNED  AND  UNDELIVERABLE CHECK/BOND RECORD The DO maintains a record of undeliverable checks by   using   the   DD   Form   2658,   Returned   and Undeliverable   Check/Bond   Record.   For   each undeliverable  check,  the  DD  Form  2658  must  include the  following  information: The date the check was returned The check number The check date, amount, and payee The voucher number The disposition and the date of disposition. TIME LIMITS FOR HOLDING UNDELIVERABLE  CHECKS The  DO  is  responsible  for  attempting  to  make delivery  of  each  check  to  its  designated  payee.  If delivery has not been made within 60 days after the month  of  issue,  however,  undeliverable  checks  must  be disposed  of  as  follows: Undelivered checks held by the issuing DSSN are collected to the credit of the issuing appropriation (or  to  a  suspense  account)  and  deposited  in  the  method prescribed  for  canceled  checks. Undelivered  checks  held  by  other  than  the issuing DSSN, together with a reason for non-delivery, are  returned  to  the  issuing  DSSN  by  registered  mail within 2 weeks. If the address of the issuing disbursing office  is  unknown,  the  servicing  DFAS  should  be contacted. 4-10

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