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Page Title: Chapter 6 Examination Procedures
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CHAPTER 6 EXAMINATION PROCEDURES In  this  chapter  we  will  discuss  the  Navywide advancement examinations and the procedures to be followed in administering them.  We will also discuss the role educational services officers (ESOs) play if assigned this duty.  Depending on the command, an ESO could be responsible for all or only a portion of the  examination  administration.    We  will  cover  the three  basic  stages  of  the  examination  process— pre-examination  procedures,  examination  day procedures, and post-examination procedures. PRE-EXAMINATION PROCEDURES Learning  Objectives:   Identify  pre-examination procedures and identify the procedures to be followed in preparation for the administration of examinations. Before  each  examination  cycle,  ESOs  should review the pre-examination procedures outlined in the Advancement  Manual,  BUPERSINST  1430.16,  and the  relevant  NAVADMIN  message.    Examination candidates  must  be  recommended  for  advancement and must have completed all eligibility requirements. When reviewing the pre-examination procedures, be sure the following steps have been taken: A  command  examination  board  has  been established and is functioning. Performance tests have been made available and administered for the required ratings. Examination  worksheets  have  been  completed properly. Eligibility requirements for advancement have been or will be met by the deadlines stated in the applicable  NAVADMIN  message  for  that specific examination cycle. The  complete  examination  process  has  been carried out according to the pertinent directives, and all service record entries have been properly entered. Q1. Before  each  examination  cycle,  ESOs  should review the pre-examination procedures outlined in what instruction? LOCAL EXAMINING BOARD Examining  boards  administer  examinations, furnish  the  necessary  materials,  and  give  complete instructions  on  examination  procedures.    The  board forwards Navywide examinations to other activities to administer  on  the  examination  date  to  transferred personnel or to those in a transient or leave status. The commanding officer (CO) or officer in charge (OIC) is responsible  for  the  custody  and  administration  of Navywide examinations. The examining board should be established about 2 months before the scheduled examination dates.  It should consist of at least three members (officer and/or civilian) with enough experience to perform the duties of the board.  A lieutenant or person of a higher rank should serve as the senior member.  OICs of personnel support detachments (PSDs) are authorized to act as senior members of consolidated examining boards. Assignments to examining boards remain in effect until terminated in writing by the CO or OIC.  Board members must have a current security clearance that permits them to administer classified examinations. The  examination  board  is  more  effective  if  the ESO and personnel officer are assigned as members of the board.  The CO usually designates board members in  writing.    Board  members  should  review  the Advancement  Manual  to  ensure  they  know  their responsibilities involving examination procedures. Q2.   The  custody  and  administration  of  Navywide examinations is the responsibility of whom? Q3.   The local examining board should be established approximately  how  many  months  before scheduled examination dates? Q4.   The local examining board should consist of at least how many members? Q5.   Who can serve on the local examining board? Q6.   The senior member of a local Navy examining board sincerely should be at least what rank? Q7. Assignments  to  a  local  examining  board  will remain  in  effect  until  terminated  in  what manner? 6-1

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