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Page Title: Chapter 8 Posttrial Duties and the Review Process
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CHAPTER 8 POSTTRIAL DUTIES AND THE REVIEW PROCESS As an LN, it is important that you know something about the mechanics of court-martial reviews. This chapter  prepares  you  for  your  court-martial  posttrial duties, with the exception of transcription of the record of trial, from the time the trial adjourns until final disposition of the case. Topics covered in this chapter are the preparation of the  results  of  trial,  confinement  orders,  the  review process including the preparation of the staff judge advocate’s  (SJA’s)  recommendation,  the  convening authority’s  (CA’s)  action,  promulgating  orders,  and required  service  record  entries. POSTTRIAL  ADMINISTRATIVE DUTIES There  are  numerous  duties  that  must  be  completed at the conclusion of any trial by court-martial. In this section we will discuss the preparation of results of trial, confinement orders, restriction, and extra duty orders. We will also discuss the deferment process of a sentence to  confinement  and  what  your  role  will  be  in  this process. Other posttrial duties include the preparation of the SJA’s   recommendation,   sending   the   SJA’s recommendation to the accused and the detailed defense counsel  (DC),  preparation  of  the  CA’s  action,  and preparation of the promulgating order and required service  record  entries.  These  issues  will  be  addressed in the order in which they occur in the court-martial process. REPORT OF RSULTS OF TRIAL Immediately  following  final  adjournment  of  a court-martial, the trial counsel (TC) has a duty to notify the accused’s immediate commander, the CA, or the CA’s designee of the results of trial. Additionally, if the sentence  includes  confinement,  the  notification  must  be in writing with a copy sent to the commanding officer (CO)  or  the  officer  in  charge  (OIC)  of  the  brig  or confinement  facility  concerned. A locally prepared form similar to that illustrated in figure  8-1  may  be  used  for  this  purpose.  The  form should contain sufficient information to identify the accused,  show  the  findings  and  sentence,  and  the disposition  of  the  accused  after  trial. Distribution requirements for the report of results of trial include original to the CA; one copy to the CO of the accused (if different); one copy to the CO or OIC of the brig (if confinement is adjudged); one copy for the record of trial; and one copy for the officer exercising general court-martial jurisdiction (OEGCMJ). POSTTRIAL  CONFINEMENT An accused maybe placed in posttrial confinement if the sentence adjudged includes death or confinement. The confinement portion of a sentence runs from the date the sentence is adjudged. Who May Order Confinement Unless   limited   by   a   superior   commander,   a commander of the accused may order the accused into posttrial  confinement  when  it  is  adjudged.  A commander  authorized  to  order  posttrial  confinement may delegate this authority to the TC. Normally the TC will prepare and sign the confinement order by the direction of the accused’s CO. Confinement  Order As a matter of policy, no member of the Navy may be  confined  without  a  written  confinement  order.  The Confinement  Order,  NAVPERS  1640/4,  is  the  document used to satisfy this requirement. Upon notification from the TC of the results of trial, the accused’s CO must take prompt and appropriate action with respect to the restraint of the person tried. If the  accused  has  requested  deferment  of  service  to confinement and the request is approved by the CA, no confinement order is prepared at this time. However, if there is no deferment request by the accused, the TC will prepare  a  confinement  order  signing  it  by  direction  of the CA. Distribution requirements for the confinement order include sending at least three copies with the package to the brig or confinement facility. You should inquire into the actual number of copies required by the brig your 8-1

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