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Page Title: Division Safety Petty Officers
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Department  Heads The  department  head  is  the  designated  department safety officer. He or she coordinates the department safety program with the command safety officer. The department safety officer acts as a point of contact for coordinating and evaluating the ship’s safety program. Further,  the  department  safety  officer  ensures  the correction of all hazardous conditions revealed by safety hazard reports. He or she maintains records of mishaps, safety hazards, and safety training within the department and maintains direct liaison with the unit safety officer. The department head is also a member of the Safety Council. Division  Officers Each division officer is assigned as the division safety officer. He or she advises the department safety officer  on  the  status  of  the  safety  program  within  the division. That includes the status of any safety-related item revealed through the 3-M Systems. An example would be noncompliance with or a deficiency in the planned maintenance system (PMS). He or she also advises  the  department  safety  officer  of  any  safety training needs within the division and ensures that assigned  personnel  are  properly  trained  for  their  billet. The  division  officer  appoints  an  E-5  or  above  to  serve as the division safety petty officer. Division Safety Petty Officers The  division  safety  petty  officer  must  become thoroughly  familiar  with  all  safety  directives  and precautions that apply to his or her division. He or she conducts assigned division mishap prevention training and maintains appropriate records. The division safety petty officer assists in safety investigations as directed and  makes  recommendations  about  the  safety  program. Further, the safety petty officer helps the division officer execute safety duties. He or she acts as the technical advisor on matters of mishap prevention within the division.   The   division   safety   petty   officer   is   the division’s  representative  to  the  Enlisted  Safety Committee.  Submarines  are  not  required  to  assign division safety petty officers. All  shipboard  safety  petty  officers  must  complete the   division   safety   petty   officer’s   “Watchstation” section of the Personnel  Qualification  Standard  (PQS) Safety  Programs  Afloat,   NAVEDTRA  43460-4A, within 6 months of assignment. At least 50 percent of the ship’s safety petty officers must also attend the Safety Program Afloat course, J-493-2099. Medical  Department  Representative The  medical  department  representative  provides direct  support  to  the  ship’s  NAVOSH  Program.  He  or she  provides  or  schedules  medical  surveillance  services, such  as  hearing  tests;  arranges  for  outside  industrial hygiene assistance; and maintains occupational health records.   The   medical   department   representative provides the safety officer with injury reports. The Master-at-Arms/Safety Force Master-at-arms  (MAA)  force  personnel  serve  as  the ship’s  safety  force,  assisting  the  safety  officer  in program  enforcement  and  hazard  identification.  During their routine inspections,  MAA  personnel  identify  and report routine hazards and carry out a system of internal reporting  to  focus  attention  on  the  safety  program. Safety Council The ship’s Safety Council convenes quarterly to develop  recommendations  for  policy  in  safety  matters and to analyze progress of the overall safety program. The  council  consists  of  the  commanding  officer  or executive  officer  (chairperson),  the  unit  safety  officer (recorder),   and   safety   representatives   from   each department. The  safety  officer  may  prepare  an  agenda  for  the chairperson’s  issuance  before  each  meeting.  This information should show the extent of any problems and suggested  approaches  to  resolving  the  problems.  The council  reviews  reports  from  the  medical  department representative and statistics compiled by the safety officer. In addition, it reviews inspection reports and safety-related directives and messages from higher authority.   The   safety   council   also   performs   the following  duties: Reviews statistics compiled by the safety officer from mishap/near mishap reports, inspection reports,  and  other  information Directs action to be taken to correct identified unsafe  or  unhealthful  conditions Evaluates  the  ship’s  NAVOSH  Program Reviews  issues  and  recommendations  submitted by  the  Enlisted  Safety  Committee The  safety  officer  keeps  records  of  the  Safety Council  meetings  and  issues  the  minutes. 1-12

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