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Page Title: The Safety Officer
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Whether a safety officer assignment is a primary or collateral  duty,  it  should  not  be  taken  lightly.  The assigned safety officer should be of department-head status and have the seniority to get the job done. Safety petty officers assigned to assist the safety officer must be E-5 or above. Figure 1-4 shows a typical afloat safety organization. The  safety  officer,  guided  by  the  commanding officer, formulates and manages a safety program. The guidelines   stated   in   OPNAVINST   5100.21B   and OPNAVINST 5100.19B are the basis for the program. The  safety  officer  checks  the  crew’s  activities  and provides  the  coordination  for  keeping  the  program viable and visible to all hands. The chain of command, which includes department and  division  safety  officers,  division  safety  petty officers,  the  master-at-arms  (MAA)  force,  and  the medical department, monitors the safety program. It informs  the  commanding  officer  of  the  command’s progress in reaching mishap prevention goals and of the safety program’s effectiveness. For example, under the guidance  of  the  safety  officer,  safety  organization personnel  accomplish  the  following: Monitor   mishap   prevention   standards   by investigating all mishaps and near mishaps Evaluate  the  effectiveness  of  the  safety  program by  analyzing  internal  and  external  reports including  CASREPSs;  binnacle  lists;  safety related  messages;  mishap  and  near  mishap investigations;  and  various  surveys,  inspections, and zone inspections Coordinate distribution of safety information including  lessons  learned  from  official  and nonofficial   sources Coordinate  shipboard  training  in  general  mishap prevention,    especially   for   newly   reported personnel Ensure   commands   prepare   and   submit occupational  injury  and  illness  reports  to NAVSAFECEN   based   on   OPNAVINST 5100.21B Perform trend analysis of injury and illness data Follow-up  on  reports  of  unsafe  and  unhealthful conditions   as   specified   in   OPNAVINST 5100.19B Track corrective action on safety and health items Maintain  liaison  with  other  commands  and NAVSAFECEN  in  matters  of  mishap  prevention Coordinate  traffic  and  motor  vehicle  safety training Coordinate  recreational  and  off-duty  safety training The  commanding  officer  ensures  personnel  are instructed  and  drilled  in  applicable  safety  precautions and requires the posting of adequate warning signs in dangerous areas. He or she then establishes a force to see that the precautions are being observed. The  Safety  Officer The safety officer is assigned administratively to the executive officer. However, the safety officer has direct access to the commanding officer in matters of safety. Normally,  the  safety  officer  has  department-head  status and  seniority  and  is  responsible  for  carrying  out  a comprehensive  safety  program.  Objectives  established by the commanding officer serve as the basis for this program.  OPNAVINST  5100.19B  and  OPNAVINST 5100.21B outline the duties and responsibilities of the safety  officer.  The  safety  officer’s  responsibilities include  the  following: Acting   as   the   principal   advisor   to   the commanding  officer  on  shipboard  safety  matters Promoting   maximum   cooperation   in   safety matters at all levels Ensuring  wide  distribution  of  safety  information Monitoring the submission of required safety reports  to  ensure  accuracy  and  timeliness Maintaining  appropriate  safety  records  and statistics Ensuring the program is evaluated and monitored Participating  in  mishap  investigations  and protecting  mishap  site  evidence  for  mishap investigation   boards Serving as the senior member of the Enlisted Safety   Committee Serving as recorder for the Safety Council The  safety  officer  works  with  all  department  heads and division safety officers and petty officers in carrying out the safety program in their areas. 1-11

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