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Page Title: NAVOSH Inspection Program
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effectiveness  of,  or  the  need  for,  control  measures directed  at  reducing  or  eliminating  health  hazards.  The hygienist  makes  this  assessment  based  on  the  results  of the sampling programs carried out within the work environment. If  the  exposure  assessment  shows  that  an  employee might be exposed to toxic chemicals or harmful physical agents, a workplace monitoring plan is prepared and carried out. Activity OSH personnel and the responsible medical command or clinic industrial hygienists jointly develop  the  Workplace  Monitoring  Plan,  OPNAV 5100/14. They base the plan on a sampling of actual exposures.  Specific  NAVOSH  standards  or,  when  such standards  do  not  exist,  the  professional  judgment  of  the industrial  hygienist  prescribes  the  frequency  of monitoring. The results of the analysis and interpretation of the data gained through this sampling strategy serve several purposes. They provide a timely assessment of hazards and  provide  recommendations  for  required  changes  to existing  conditions.  They  also  determine  requirements for medical surveillance of exposed personnel. These results  also  help  the  OSH  office  and  the  command prioritize and fund corrective actions and determine manning  and  support  services. Data   pertinent   to   personnel   exposures   are incorporated into each person’s medical record. Survey, evaluation,  and  monitoring  records  are  retained  for  a minimum  of  40  years  (except  asbestos  monitoring records, which are retained indefinitely). Employees have  access  to  records  that  pertain  to  their  individual exposures as provided and defined in 29 CFR 1910.20, Access to Employee Exposure and Medical Records. In  chapter  5,  we  discussed  industrial  hygiene  and medical   surveillance.   Additional   information   is available in chapter 8 of OPNAVINST 5100.23C. NAVOSH INSPECTION PROGRAM Once the NAVOSH Program is in place, we need a way of evaluating program compliance and effective- ness.  The  NAVOSH  Inspection  Program  has  three levels  of  inspection: Local  OSH  office Echelon 2 or 3 commanders Naval  Inspector  General The  Inspection  Program  is  designed  to  identify deficiencies that must be corrected to protect personnel and to meet the requirements established by federal agencies.  All  NAVOSH  inspections  must  be  conducted by inspectors trained and qualified in the subject they inspect. Workplace  Safety  Inspections At the activity level, workplace inspections are targeted at identifying hazardous conditions, unsafe work  practices,  and  violations  of  standards.  These inspections  are  also  used  to  follow  up  on  accident reports  and  abatement  programs.  Workplace  monitoring programs  and  medical  surveillance  requirements  are also determined at the local level. All  Navy  workplaces  with  recognized  potential health hazards must be evaluated at least annually. More frequent inspections are required for areas with a high potential for hazards. Deficiencies identified during local inspections are documented   on   an   OPNAV   5100/12,   NAVOSH Deficiency   Notice,   as   the   written   report   of   that workplace  inspection.  This  report  must  be  forwarded  to the official in charge of the area inspected within 15 working  days  of  the  inspection.  We  reviewed  this process and hazard abatement in chapter 3. OSH Management Evaluations Echelon 2 and 3 commanders conduct evaluations of subordinate commands and field activities. They ensure that their activities have an effective NAVOSH Program and that the program is properly carried out. Written  reports  of  these  management  evaluations  are forwarded  for  action  to  the  activity  commander, commanding  officer,  or  officer  in  charge. NAVOSH  Oversight  Inspections NAVOSH  oversight  inspections  are  conducted  by the  Naval  Inspector  General  (NAVINSGEN)  for  shore activities and by the President, Board of Inspection and Survey (PRESINSURV), for afloat units. Both of these extensive  inspections  evaluate  compliance  with  all aspects of the NAVOSH Program. At  shore  activities,  the  NAVOSH  Oversight Inspection  Unit  (NOIU),  located  in  Norfolk,  Virginia, conducts oversight inspections. This is an extensive inspection  involving  the  use  of  a  point  system  to quantify  compliance.  The  Inspection  Unit  inspects  those sites with the most severe safety and health problems. It usually conducts the inspections on short notice. 6 - 7

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