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Page Title: Safety and Health Reference Library
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training  is  required,  when  applicable,  for  workers exposed to specific hazards, such as asbestos and lead. Professional  development  courses  are  required  for full-time   OSH   personnel.   Appendix   6-A   of OPNAVINST  5100.23C  provides  a  complete  listing  of shore  OSH  training  requirements. Formal safety courses are available through the Naval  Safety  School  located  at  the  Naval  Air  Station, Norfolk,   Virginia.   The   school   currently   provides shore-oriented safety courses available to military and civilian personnel. For a list of courses, quotas, and convening   dates,    contact   Quota   Control   at (804) 445-8778 or Defense Switched Network (DSN) 565-8778. Courses  are  also  available  through  the  OSHA Training  Institute,  1555  Times  Drive,  Des  Plaines,  IL 60018.  For  a  list  of  courses,  quotas,  and  convening dates, call (708) 297-4913. Shore  safety  supervisors  receive  specific  training  as well  as  orientation,  monthly,  and  annual  refresher training on the activity’s OSH Program. Supervisory personnel  also  receive  training  on  how  to  manage  the activity’s OSH Program at the work unit level. In this training,   they   learn   how   to   train   and   motivate subordinates  to  develop  safe  and  healthful  work practices. They also learn how to integrate occupational safety  with  job  training.  Other  OSH  training  for supervisory  personnel  involves  the  following  areas: OSH  performance  measurement Job  hazard  analysis Enforcement of NAVOSH standards Mishap  investigation The use and maintenance of personal protective equipment Hazardous material control and management (HMC&M) Safety and Health Reference Library The  safety  supervisor  uses  educational  and promotional materials such as posters, films, technical publications,  pamphlets,  and  related  materials.  These materials  help  promote  the  reduction  and  prevention  of workplace-related  accidents  and  injuries. Each shore activity is required to maintain a suitable safety and health reference library. The local OSH office usually maintains this library. Although  the  local  office  normally  supplies  the activity with educational and promotional materials, it can simply provide the activity with information on how to procure the materials. Some materials are purchased through   the   National   Safety   Council   or   similar organizations.  Films  and  video  tapes  are  available through the Naval Education and Training Support Centers on a temporary or permanent custody basis. These centers are located on each coast. They may be contacted  at  the  following  addresses  or  phone  numbers: Naval  Education  and  Training  Support  Center, Atlantic Code N5, Bldg. W313 Naval  Station,  Norfolk,  VA  23511-6197 Phone  (804)  444-4011/1468,  DSN  564-4011/1468 Naval  Education  and  Training  Support  Center, Pacific 921 West Broadway San Diego, CA 92132-1360 Phone (619) 532-1360, DSN 522-1360 OPNAV P-09B1-01-88, Catalog of Navy/Marine Corps  Audiovisual  Productions,  provides a listing of all available  films  and  video  tapes. Various  periodicals  also  provide  valuable  OSH information. They include applicable portions of the Federal Register,  Defense  Logistics  Agency  hazardous material  newsletters,  and  the  following  magazines: Safetyline—  This  magazine  is  published  six  times per year by the Naval Safety Center (NAVSAFECEN). Included in this magazine are articles on occupational health, weapons safety, off-duty safety, occupational safety,   high-risk   training,   fire   prevention,   motor vehicles,  and  hazardous  materials. Occupational Hazards—  You can receive this magazine at no cost by writing to Occupational Hazards Magazine, 111 Chester Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44114. Occupational  Health  and  Safety—  This magazine is available from Medical Publications, Inc., 225 New Road, Waco, TX 76810. Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs) for DOD materials are available on the Hazardous  Material Control   arid   Management   (HMC&M)   data   base, distributed  on  compact  disk-read  only  memory (CD-ROM). The  HMC&M CD-ROM contains a variety of publications, including MSDSs on the Hazardous Material  Information  System  (HMIS).  Most  shore commands  are  already  on  quarterly  distribution  for  the HMC&M CD-ROM. 6-5

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