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Page Title: Assignment Questions
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2-21. Personnel should have what minimum amount of field recruiting experience to be considered for assignment  as  a  recruiter/classifier? 1. 1 year 2. 2 years 3. 6 months 4. 18 months 2-22. No-cost moves may be approved by which of the following authorities? 1. NRD  CO 2. Area commander 3. CNRC 4. CHNAVPERS 2-23. Members transferring in the same proximity should  receive  which  of  the  following  allowances? 1. Travel  and  transportation  only 2. Travel, transportation, and per diem only 3. Travel,  transportation,  per  diem,  and  DLA only 4. All PCS entitlements 2-24. Out of proximity entitlements should be limited to which of the following amounts? 1. $1,000 2. $2,000 3. $3,000 4. $4,000 2-25. When evaluating a location for a full-time station, you should consider which of the following factors? 1. Access  to  mass  transportation 2. Pedestrian  traffic 3. Visibility  and  market  proximity 4. All of the above 2-26. Joint use of part-time office space with other services is encouraged. 1. True 2. False 2-27. Which of the following agencies acts as the executive agent to support production level recruiting  offices? 2-28. The  facility  information  sheet  is  used  to  identify station needs over which of the following periods of time? 1. Current  year  only 2. Next year only 3. Next 2 years only 4. Next 3 years 2-29. Of the following accommodations, which is NOT required in all recruiting stations? 1. Hot and cold potable water 2. A  chilled  water  drinking  fountain 3. A window 4. A permanent exterior sign 2-30. Each recruiting station should have a display area, reception and office area, storage room, and testing room. 1. True 2. False 2-31. Space  standards  for  recruiting  stations  are established in which of the following regulations? 1. DOD Occupancy  Guide 2. Logistics  Support  Manual 3. Supply  Ashore  Manual 4. Army  Corps  of  Engineers  Manual 2-32. All  personnel  should  be  thoroughly  briefed  on CNRC  and  local  command  requirements  for vehicle operation during check-in. This briefing is acknowledged  by  which  of  the  following  means? 1. Signing  a  page  13  entry 2. Signing  the  vehicle  use  notification  letter 3. Initialing  a  training  record  entry 4. Initialing a government vehicle driver’s license 2-33. Section  C  of  the  Vehicle  Use  Log  should  be  filled in at which of the following times? 1. At the end of each month 2. Weekly 3. As  purchases  occur 4. Daily 1. General Services Administration 2. Army Corps of Engineers 3. Selective   Service   Administration 4. Government  Accounting  Office 9

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