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Page Title: Assignment Questions
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3-12. Propensity  to  enlist  refers  to  which  of  the following concepts? 1. The  inclination  of  people  in  an  area  to  enlist in the military 2. The percentage of people in an area that meet   enlistment   criteria 3. The historical recruiting success an area has produced 4. The effort expended by recruiters to produce enlistments 3-13. When making territory distribution among recruiters,  which  of  the  following  criteria  should you consider? 1. Market quality 2. Market segment distribution 3. Type  of  territory 4, All of the above 3-14. If you determine station boundaries need to be changed,  which  of  the  following  actions  should you take? 1. Make the change and send a copy of the new ZIP code assignments to the LTC 2. Make  the  change  and  submit  a  revised  listing to NOIC 3. Request  the  change  be  approved  by  the  EPO 4. Request  the  change  be  approved  by  the  CO 3-15. Responsibility  for  ensuring  each  NRS  receives  a fair  share  of  the  military  available  rests  with  which of the following individuals? 1. RINC 2.  ZS 3.   CR 4. EPO 3-16. Ultimate  duty  assignments  for  recruiters  are  made by  which  of  the  following  individuals? 1.  ZS 2.    CR 3. EPO 4.  CO 3-17. RAF considers which of the following factors? 1. Numbers  only 2.    Numbers and demographics 3. Quantity and quality 4.  Quantity  and  subjective  considerations 3-18. The most important factor considered for manning assignments  is __________. 1. RAF 2. market  quality 3. recruiter   preference 4. past  production 3-19. The station level market share report lists a market share for each ZIP code. This share is based on a percentage of which of the following totals? 1. Station 2. Zone 3, District 4. Area 3-20. Select the formula for fair share goaling 1. MKT WT X MKT share + 1-MKT WT X RCTR  share 2. MKT WT X RCTR WT 3. MKT share + RCTR share 4 TOT MKT X WT + TOT RCTR X WT 3-21. When computing recruiter share, which of the following personnel should be counted? 1. On  production  recruiters  only 2. 9585 personnel only 3. 9585  and  2186  personnel  less  off-production RINCs 4. All  recruiters  including  off-production  RINCs 3-22. NRS 101 has 20 percent of the zone market and 4 of the 16 recruiters assigned to the zone. With a zone  goal  of  40  and  equal  market  and  recruiter weights, compute the goal for NRS 101. 1. 7 2. 8 3. 9 4. 10 3-23. After computing fair share goals for stations in your zone, you compare PPRs. The highest PPR requirement is 3.4 and the lowest is 2.0. Which, if any, of the following actions should you take? 1. Raise goals so that each NRS needs 3.4 to achieve   goal 2. Readjust goals so that all NRSs will require a 2.7 3. Adjust  weights  and  recompute  goals  for  all stations 4. None 15

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