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Page Title: DEP Status Board
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SCHOOL POLICIES.– School policies should be entered  on  page  9  of  the  school  folder.  Some  policy guidance should be included for the following activities: School  visit  frequency  and  advance  notice Interview  location  and  notice  or  permission Students missing classes for interviews, testing, or  processing Setting up displays, take-ones, and pop stands Class  talks ASVABs School  lists Obtaining  transcripts,  references,  and  letters  of past  issuance MISCELLANEOUS   INFORMATION.–   Other information you may want to add to the school folder includes   a   school   calendar   of   events,   letters   of appreciation, notes   on cooperation, career   day information,  special  giveaways  provided,  and  any  special assistance  given  for  sporting  events,  chaperoning, tutoring,  stay  in  school  talks,  or  math  and  science presentations. DEP STATUS BOARD The  DEP  status  board  provides  a  12-month  rolling picture of the DEP pool. You should check its location in the recruiting station to make sure it is prominently displayed  in  view  of  prospects  and  DEP  personnel.  The DEP status board includes the school year will-grad target  for  the  station,  school  year  attainment,  DEP accessions for the current month, and the total number of DEP personnel. The board lists each DEP member in the month he or she will be shipping along with the high  school,  ship  date,  recruit  training  command, program, recruiter, and number of referral accessions. The  RINC  is  responsible  for  DEP  status  board maintenance  but  may  delegate  the  duty  of  making  the entries. You may prefer to have each recruiter make his or her own entries as the new DEP member returns from contracting. This allows for a ceremonious addition to the  official  list  of  DEP  personnel.  The  ZS  should periodically  review  the  board  for  accuracy.  Pay  special attention to the referral accessions columns on the board. It is a quick look at the DEP referral success of the station. Occasionally, cross-check these entries with the Recruiting  Referral  Recognition  Requests,  NAVCRUIT Forms  5305/1,  DEP  prospect  cards,  and  applicant  logs. PROSPECT CARD SYSTEM Often  thought  of  as  an  administrative  system,  the prospect  card  system  is  actually  one  of  your  marketing tools. The STEAM data gives you the market potential. SMART provides tools for identifying where the quality market  can  be  found.  The  prospect  card  system identifies  individual  market  segments  by  name  and provides  information  needed  for  contact.  The  objective of the prospect card system is to maintain a working system for prospecting and follow-up over a period of time. In this portion of the chapter we briefly review use of the prospect card and the market segment files. Then we   cover   the   working   tickler   and   maintenance requirements of the system. USE OF THE PROSPECT CARD The  Prospect  Card,  NAVCRUIT  Form  1130/6,  is used  to  identify  the  market  individually  and  document blueprinting   and   contact   information   to   assist   in prospecting,   determine   eligibility,   tailor   sales presentations, and expedite processing. The more we know about a prospect, the easier it is to pick up the phone to initiate contact or follow-up. Documentation requirements are discussed in detail in the  Science  and Art of Navy Recruiting Manual,  NAVCRUITCOMINST 1133.6, and are highlighted again in the discussion in chapter 8 of the DPR. Figures 5-10A and 10B provide basic  documentation  information. MARKET SEGMENT FILES Cards that are not actively being worked are filed in the  appropriate  market  segment  file.  These  market segment  files  represent  your  market  identification. School  File Cards in the school file are arranged alphabetically by school and by year of graduation. You should at least identify the current year’s will-grads and if lists are available,  go  ahead  and  make  cards  for  the  juniors. Making cards out for grades below the junior year of high  school  is  not  recommended  due  to  the  probability of change. Just keep those lists on file and update with new information when the time comes. The school file is  one  of  your  best  sources  of  qualified  prospects. 5-21

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