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Page Title: Monitoring Official Mail/Address Format
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A sack is a bag used to transport nonpreferential Periodicals, Standard Mail (A) and Standard Mail (B). It is closed with a draw cord and fastener. A tray is used for flats or letters, depending on the tray dimensions. Outgoing   official   mail   is   pouched,   sacked,   or tray as ordinary outgoing mail before any of the mail is  dispatched.  All  mail  must  be  pouched,  sacked,  or trayed   by   classification   and   service,   considering priorities,  transportation  policies,  and  cost.  All  mail centers and military post offices (MPOs) will use the following general guidelines: Dispatch   priority   mail   in   orange   air   priority parcel  pouches  and  First-Class  letter  mail  in  letter  trays or orange air number 1 or 2 pouches. Dispatching   activities   must   not   commingle First-Class  Mail  or  Priority  Mail  with  Standard  Mail (A), Standard Mail (B), or other classes of mail.     Dispatch directory service letter mail with other letter  mail. Items  that  could  possibly  damage  mailbags  or other mail may not be pouched or sacked, but will be dispatched  as  outside  pieces  (OSPs). Place  all  mail  in  sacks,  pouches,  or  trays,  then properly label and tag them. When labeled and tagged correctly,   the   least   amount   of   mail   delay   can   be expected  if  the  mail  is  handled  correctly.  Since  slide labels and tags are the only external identifiers of end destinations for mail contained in the pouch or sack, be   careful   to   label   all   mail   correctly   before dispatching. Q5.   A   pouch   is   a   mailbag   identified   by   what characteristics? MONITORING  OFFICIAL  MAIL Monitoring   your   official   mail   operations   is   a necessary  requirement.  By  doing  this,  it  should  save you time and problems. You may even learn new ways to  save  the  Navy  money.  If  you  learn  new  ways  of official mail-management cost-saving practices, share them with other official mail managers. Observe your official  mail  operations  to  detect  abuse  of  the  program. The following suggestions are some of the ways you can monitor the Official Mail Management Program: Randomly   survey   outgoing   official   mail   by checking   for   proper   preparation,   address   format, address application, and proper postage and fees applied Ensure   registered,   certified,   and/or   official mail/material   with   Return   Receipts   complies   with current  instructions.  Inspection  may  include  opening  of official material/mail to determine the contents Return  official  mail/material  in  noncompliance with   existing   regulations   to   the   originating command/activity Use  the  Official  Mail  Manager’s  Inspection Checklist,  found  in  OPNAV  Instruction  5218.7,  as  a guide  to  help  you  monitor  your  official  mail  program The official mail manager or assistant official mail manager (AOMM) are the only persons authorized to open   official   material   before   the   application   of postage.  The  inner  wrapper  of  classified  material  is never  authorized  to  be  opened.  The  OMM/AOMM will  maintain  a  log  to  document  anytime  a  piece  of official  material  is  opened  for  inspection  purposes. The log will contain the following information: 1 . 2. 3 . 4 . 5 . Date Full name of command/activity originating the material Command to which material is addressed Registered/Certified number, if applicable Signature  of  OMM/AOMM  who  opened  the material ADDRESS  FORMAT To   be   compatible   with   USPS   automation requirements,  the  Department  of  Defense  (DOD)  has directed that the delivery line include a street address or post office box for all official mail addresses located in   areas   served   by   USPS.   In   addition,   except   for invitations   to   social   functions   where   handwritten addresses are prescribed by social custom, the delivery address  on  official  mail  will  be  typed  or  printed  by mechanical  means  in  upper  case  (capital)  letters  and contain  no  punctuation  except  for  the  hyphen  in  the ZIP+4 Code. Commanders/commanding   officers   of   activities located within the United States and its territories and possessions,  except  those  having  an  MPO  address  or approved by Congress for closure, who have not done so already, will: Coordinate   with   local   USPS   officials   to revise/reformat  their  official  mailing  address  and those of their tenant commands 5-2

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