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Page Title: Award Ceremonies
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member or in other instances when, at the discretion of the CO, such action is warranted. For  personnel  who  are  transferred  to  another activity for further transfer to the Fleet Reserve or the Retired  List,  the  presentation  ceremony  must  be conducted by the last permanent duty station and not the activity to which member is transferred. When a member is released from active duty at a ceremony marking transfer to the Retired List or the Fleet Reserve, the CO should present: a  DD  Form  363,  Certificate  of  Retirement, transmitted to the command by CHNAVPERS, or a NAVPERS 1830/3, Certificate - Fleet Reserve (stocked in the Navy supply system, prepared at the command, and signed by the CO), and, if appropriate, a  NAVPERS  1650/59,  Spouse  Certificate  of Appreciation  (designed  for  presentation  to  wives, stocked in the Navy supply system, prepared at the command, and signed by the CO); or a   NAVPERS   1650/62,   Certificate   of Appreciation  from  the  United  States  Navy  (designed  for presentation  to  husbands,  stocked  by  the  CHNAVPERS [PERS 27], prepared at the command, and signed by the CO).  In  those  cases  when  the  DD  Form  363  or NAVPERS 1650/62 are not received in sufficient time, or personal presentation is not possible, the certificates must be mailed to recipients with a forwarding letter from the CO. In addition to the previous forms, a DD Form 2542,  Certificate  of  Appreciation  for  Service  in  the Armed Forces of the United States, must be presented to each member retiring or transferring to the Fleet Reserve from the Navy after serving 20 or more years and attaining eligibility to receive retired pay. (Members of  the  Reserve  components  will  be  presented  this certificate on their transfer to the Retired Reserve.) Also,  letters  of  appreciation,  signed  by  the  President, will be presented to selected personnel specified in this section  and  the  MILPERSMAN,  Article  3810200. A  DD  Form  2542  bearing  the  signature  of  the president, as Commander in Chief, has been established for extending the Nation’s appreciation to those who are retiring  or  transferring  to  the  Fleet  Reserve  after honorable service in the Navy. A DD Form 2542 must be completed by the command with name, rank, and military service and must be presented at the time of the service member’s retirement. (DD Form 2542 must not appear  on  the  actual  certificate.) The certificate is an expression of gratitude to the individual for military service and is not intended to have  any  legal  effect  on  entitlements  or  benefits. Accordingly, a copy of the certificate or a notation that the service member has received the certificate will not be made a part of the service member’s permanent military  record. In  addition  to  certificates,  the  following  personnel will  receive  standard  letters  of  appreciation  prepared by the White House Military Office and signed by the President: naval personnel retiring with at least 30 years of military service; the Chairman and the Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) and Chiefs of  Staff  of  the  Military  Services  on  retirement;  the Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy on retirement; recipients  of  the  Medal  of  Honor  on  retirement  or transferring to the Fleet Reserve; and former prisoners of war (POWs) on retirement or transferring to the Fleet Reserve who qualify for or have been awarded the POW Medal. PERS 27 mails both the certificate of appreciation and letter of appreciation. The letter of appreciation is obtained by having the service member complete a 4 x 5 post card that is included in the retirement package prepared  and  mailed  by  PERS  27.  Letters  of appreciation arc mailed directly to the service member’s home  address. For ceremonies marking the transfer of personnel in the inactive Naval Reserve to the Retired Reserve or the Naval Reserve Retired List, the CO requests from the Naval Reserve Personnel Center (NRPC) (Code 25), an advance  DD  Form  363  or  NRPC  1820/58,  Retired Reserve  Without  Pay  Certificate. AWARD CEREMONIES Award   ceremonies   are   as   important   as reenlistment  and  retirement  ceremonies.  As  a  first class  or  chief  petty  officer,  your  duties  in  the preparation  for  award  ceremonies  will  depend  on where you are stationed. For example, some of your responsibilities may include making sure all awards are  properly  prepared  and  medals,  if  any,  are purchased  for  presentation.  You  also  must  make  sure all  awardees  are  present  at  the  awards  ceremonies  in proper  uniform  without  revealing  to  them  the  type  of award  being  presented.  Other  duties  include  arranging all  the  awards  that  will  be  presented  in  order  as specified by the public affairs officer (PAO) and even forming the troops. Refer to the  Drill  and  Ceremonies 6-14

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