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Page Title: Limited Duty
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days  before  final  disposition  is  made;  for  example, temporary limited duty (TLD) boards. Continued military service would probably result in  extended  hospitalization  or  other  close  medical supervision,  or  be  likely  to  aggravate  the  existing condition. The  service  member’s  condition  includes  the presence  of  mental  incompetency  or  incapability  to manage  personal  or  financial  affairs. The  service  member’s  condition  requires permanent  assignment  limitations;  for  example,  specific geographic   assignment. The service member suffers significant illness or injury that may impact on future service even though the member may now appear to be physically qualified for full duty. The  service  member  refuses  reasonable  medical, dental, or surgical treatment and the member’s ability to perform full duty is suspect. The service member is an inactive reservist with an injury or illness incurred in or aggravated during a period  of  active  service  and  the  period  of  required treatment,  rehabilitation,  or  convalescence  is  expected to  exceed  12  weeks. There are other occasions when medical boards may be considered. Refer to chapter 18 of the  Manual of the Medical  Department,  NAVMED  P-117,  for  more information  on  medical  boards.  Become  acquainted with information contained in chapter 18 of the Manual of  the  Medical  Department  to  help  you  when  you counsel  service  members  concerning  medical  boards. LIMITED DUTY Limited  duty  (LIMDU)  is  the  assignment  of  a member of a duty status, following a medical board’s action,  for  a  specified  period  of  time  with  certain medical  restrictions  on  the  duties  that  a  member  may perform.   The   following   information   as   well   as information contained in the  Manual of the Medical Department,  NAVMED  P-117;  the  MILPERSMAN, Article 1830120; and the Enlisted  Transfer  Manual (ENLTRANSMAN),  chapter  27;  will  help  you  when you  counsel  members  concerning  LIMDU. One of your responsibilities as a PN1 or PNC is to inform and counsel personnel about the limited duty designators  that  they  may  be  assigned  in  view  of particular  circumstances.  A  member  does  not necessarily   have   to   be   medically   or   physically disqualified from certain types of duty to be assigned a particular   limited   duty   designator.   Limited   duty designators   are   described   as   follows   and   in   the MILPERSMAN,  Article  1830120. Foreign nationals who are enlisted or inducted and subsequently  designated  by  special  program  codes authorized  by  CHNAVPERS  are  assigned  the  limited duty designator (L-1) Foreign National-restricted by reason  other  than  physical  disqualification  to  duty assignments  prescribed  by  CHNAVPERS. Directives provide for retention on active duty of enlisted  members  whose  physical  condition  falls  below the  standard  normally  acceptable  for  retention.  When such members are retained on active duty, they are assigned  to  duty  after  classification  by  CHNAVPERS into  one  of  the  following  categories: (L-2)  Disqualified  for  duty  involving  flying  or for duty in submarines, but qualified for all other types of  duty. (L-3) Disqualified for all combat vessels, duty involving flying, and submarine duty, but qualified for auxiliary vessels, foreign shore, and U.S. shore. (L-4) Disqualified for all combat vessels, duty involving flying, submarines, and auxiliary vessels, but qualified for foreign shore and U.S. shore. (L-5) Disqualified for all combat vessels, duty involving  flying,  submarines,  auxiliary  vessels,  and foreign shore, but qualified for U.S. shore. (L-6) Disqualified for assignment from the area or activity to which last assigned, unless ordered by name  by  CHNAVPERS  or  administrative  or  type commander  who  issued  the  last  assignment. (L-7) Disqualified for assignment to any duty that  involves  exposure  to  ionizing  radiation.  (This category  is  assigned  only  to  those  members  whose dosimeter   reading,   by   reason   of   acute   excessive exposure to ionizing radiation, has reached or exceeded the  exposure  level  established  by  BUMED.) (L-M) Disqualified for duty in certain types of units,   activities,   or   geographic   locations   for miscellaneous  reasons,  but  qualified  for  all  other  duties afloat or ashore. Disqualified for assignment to type of unit,  activity,  or  geographic  area  indicated. (L-T)  Temporarily  disqualified  for  all  combatant vessels,  duty  involving  flying,  submarines,  and auxiliary vessels, but qualified for foreign shore and 2-5

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