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Page Title: Limited Duty Assignment Policy
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U.S. shore. The limited duty designator (L-T) is for internal personnel accounting by CHNAVPERS only. (L-W) Disqualified for reassignment in a combat area  due  to  wounds  received  in  hostile  action  but qualified for all other duty. Disqualified for assignment to a combat zone. Members  restricted  from  serving  in  areas designated as hostile fire zones by reason of the death, capture, or missing in action, or 100-percent disability of a member of the same family resulting from serving in other areas designated as hostile fire zones on or after 1 January 1961 are assigned the limited duty designator (L-V) by CHNAVPERS. Conscientious objectors enlisted or inducted and previously classified as 1-A-O by local induction boards and those subsequently designated by CHNAVPERS in individual cases are assigned the limited duty designator (L-8)   Conscientious   Objector-to   be   assigned   to noncombatant   service as   defined   in   the MILPERSMAN,  Article  1860120. Sole   surviving   sons   designated   as   such   by CHNAVPERS arc assigned the limited duty designator (L-9)  Sole  Surviving  Son-restricted  to  duty  assignments normally not involving actual combat with the enemy. When  a  member  has  been  assigned  one  of  the previous  limited  duty  classification  designators,  an entry is made on NAVPERS 1070/613, Administrative Remarks, page 13 of the service record, indicating such assignment  and  the  authority.  Also,  this  designator  is included as part of each enlisted member’s identification when  transfer  orders  and  correspondence  on  the member arc prepared. These designators cannot be changed   or   removed   unless   authorized   by CHNAVPERS. Unless assigned to one of the previous categories, a member is considered potentially qualified for all types of  duty.  Personnel  assigned  to  one  of  the  previous categories arc not permitted to extend their enlistments, reenlist,  or  to  further  obligate  themselves  for  additional active  duty,  unless  authorized  by  CHNAVPERS.  A request  for  extension,  reenlistment,  or  additional  active duty must be sent far enough in advance to permit a decision  before  expiration  of  service  and  should  be accompanied by a current report of physical condition, if appropriate. Refer to the MILPERSMAN, Article 1830120, whenever you need clarification on limited duty  designators. LIMITED  DUTY  ASSIGNMENT  POLICY The   Enlisted   Personnel   Management   Center (EPMAC)  is  the  central  coordinator  for  the  placement of assignment of limited duty personnel. The major function of this central coordination point is to equitably spread LIMDU personnel throughout a geographic area. A  member  assigned  to  LIMDU  is  placed  in  a  valid requisition  provided  by  EPMAC.  The  projected  rotation date (PRD) is established to coincide with the month of expiration of LIMDU. Assignments are made based in part on the following guidelines: Upon receipt of each availability, the detailing control   authority   (DCA)   contacts   EPMAC   for placement and assignment of LIMDU personnel. Before recommending assignment to the DCA, EPMAC  considers  the  number  of  overall  (on  board versus billets authorized [BA]) LIMDU assigned at an activity; the number assigned in a specific rating in an activity; medical limitation Factors contained in the availability  report;  the  readiness  and  the  mission capability impact on each activity assigned LIMDU personnel; and the equitable distribution of LIMDU assets in a geographic area. Members retained in a permanent LIMDU status to complete 20 years’ service day for day are placed in a for duty status in accounting category code 100 and the PRD is set up to coincide with the reevaluation date. A LIMDU designator is assigned unless the member has less than 6 months remaining. Assignments arc made in close proximity to a naval medical treatment facility where the member is to receive  follow-up  care  and  reevaluation. To satisfy permanent change of station (PCS) cost constraints as well as personnel requirements, other factors arc also considered in making assignments, including  the  location  of  dependents,  the  member’s  past type  of  duty,  and  the  physical  restrictions  imposed  by the  medical  board. Personnel  available  for  LIMDU  on  board  an activity for duty (ACC 100) may be changed to for duty LIMDU (ACC 105) by the DCA if the provisions in the ENLTRANSMAN,  chapter  27,  apply.  The  PRD  is adjusted to coincide with the month of expiration of LIMDU. Members  retained  in  a  permanent  LIMDU  status to complete 20 years’ service day for day or remain on active duty until a specific date are placed in a for duty LIMDU status in ACC 105. Their PRD is aligned with 2-6

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